Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harry Brought It On Himself

The Washington Times is worried about the “increasing attacks on Harry Reid” after his lies about Romney not paying his taxes for ten years came out. Well, Harry brought it on himself by making a false claim with NO PROOF. He is now the “poster boy” for false claims against an opponent.

SHE HAD INSURANCE: The biggest news story out there today is Obama’s lying ad accusing Romney of MURDER of a woman who DIED because she no longer had health insurance after Bain Capital shut her husband’s employer down. NOT TRUE! In the first place, Bain did NOT “shut it down.” It was one of the small percent of companies Bain couldn’t save. And an Obama supporter was running it at the time. And she DID have health insurance for TWO YEARS after the company closed. Many lies to “prove” a bigger lie.

JOBS AND PROSPERITY: Obama keeps on making promises he can’t keep, and KNOWS he can’t keep. His most recent lie is to promise that “Jobs and prosperity will rain down on you if you re-elect me.” What a LOAD of BS! But then, we’ve come to expect that of this con man.

ARE YOU AN EXTREMIST? If you want smaller government, fewer taxes, more freedom to make your own decisions, while getting rid of such politicians as Obama, you are—according to Obama and the liberals. Since when has it been extremist to want to make your own decisions instead of letting the government do it for you? Does he think we’re stupid enough to BELIEVE such crap? Only other liberals do.

“TIME FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY”: I said these words a long time before the rise of the “Tea Parties” in politics. I don’t claim to be the originator of the “Tea Parties,” but I was very happy to see SOMEBODY did, and I am FULLY a member of the Tea Parties. If that makes me an extremist in the eyes of liberals, who cares. I’ve never cared a whit what liberals think, INCLUDING (especially) Obama.

WE’RE THEIR BIGGEST ENEMY: Not the Muslim extremists; not Iran and its nuclear power aspirations, nothing else. Us. The “Tea Parties” and everybody who thinks the way they do. We’re going to defeat them, and do it lawfully, by throwing them out of office in the next election. Unless they manage to steal it as they’ve done in the past.

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