Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Obama's A Nice Guy, Just Incompetent"

That seems to be the theme at the Republican National Convention in Florida, but they’re incorrect. He’s NOT a “nice guy.” He’s an arrogant, dedicated COLLECTIVIST (whether it be socialist, communist, Fascist, Progressivist, or some other “ist,” I don’t know). He believes Karl Marx, father of communism, had it right. He believes in that old communist motto, “FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on your earnings, and he’s willing to do ANYTHING to move this country in that direction, even KILL people (maybe not by his own hand, but by his policies). They say you should “respect the office.” I do NOT; not as long as this FOOL is in it.

“REPUBLICANS NEED TO MODERATE THEIR TONE”: They say if we don’t, we’ll “send the independents running to the Democrats.” What a LOAD of BS. Why is it always ONLY The Republicans who need to “moderate their tone?” Because it’s the DEMOCRATS who are saying it and they want the GOP to “shut up.”

ATTACKING GALLUP: Gallup Polls, just a few days ago told Obama (and the world) that if the REAL unemployment numbers were known, they would SINK Obama and 3 days later Obama’s DOJ sued them on the basis of a “whistleblower” accusation by (Michael Lindley, a former Obama supporter more recently a Gallup employee) a 2008 Obama organizer. How “transparent” could this be? I bet this guy finds it hard to find a job after this.

45 TRILLION DEBT UNPATRIOTIC: That’s what Obama (who ran up a debt five times that) says about the debt bush ran up in EIGHT YEARS while he has done his debt in less than 4 years, all by himself. What FOOL this president is, and arrogant, too. Re-electing Obama as a means to reduce the debt is like giving a case of Jack Daniels to an alcoholic to curb drunkenness.

TALK ABOUT STUPID! The Bloomberg Insider, a dedicated Republican Convention magazine, thinks the Republican Party has become SO “far-right” that they would now think Reagan as “too far left.” What a LOAD of crap! People “on the right” simply want FREEDOM and the right to make their own decisions. There IS no “too far right.” Liberals say the Nazis are “on the right,” but that’s as stupid as this. Naziism was “National SOCIALISM!” You can’t GET more “left wing” than that.

“RESPECT MY VAGINA!:” That’s the message from “Code pink,” a liberals women’s organization that staged a demonstration with men and women wearing large vaginas. How one can “respect” anybody who would run around in large phony vaginas, I don’t know. They THINK there is a “war on women” being waged by Republicans. In truth, it was the Democrats who came up with, and promoted that idea, and predictably, they fell for it. Women involved should do away with the phony vaginas and just take off their pants.

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