Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Occupiers" Are Scruffy

Have you noticed? A look at any picture of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd will reveal that they are, for the most part, a “scruffy” bunch. That’s because most of them are “the dregs of society” and should be ignored. There IS no such thing as the “one percent” who hold others down. That’s all in their limited imaginations.

ALAN WEST HAS GUTS: He went out of his way to have an event catered by Chick-Fil-A during the hooraw over Chick-Fil-A’s support of anti-gay marriage. I guess he agrees that people should have a right to their own opinion even if it doesn’t agree with militant gay activists. I do, too. And I eat there on a regular basis. (Update: he did it six months ago.)

OBAMA’S AD LIES: He has an ad with an actor claiming to be the husband of a woman who DIED because Romney “killed” his employer’s company. LIE! Yes, Bain Capital DID “kill that company (to SAVE three others).” But the guy who was in charge of it at the time is now an OBAMA “bundler” and supporter. Bain saved 80% of the companies it bought. Some you CAN’T save. This was one of them.

JOAN RIVERS HANDCUFFS HERSELF: She handcuffed herself to a shopping cart in a COSTCO store that refused to sell her book. Maybe I should do that—or not, since every bookstore in the land except Amazon doesn’t carry either of my books (“What’s Wrong IN America” and “Pay Attention to Politics!”) in stock, nor will they display it on their shelves. Barnes & Noble WILL order it if you ask.

CAN’T WIN WITH HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT: Obama said he’d keep the unemployment rate under 8%, but didn’t. It has been above that rate for as long as I can remember during his administration. Now he’s settled for promising to get it down to 8% by election time. Will he do it? I doubt it. His record of keeping such promises is not very good. But his staunch supporters (fools) WILL believe him until it’s too late.

GIBBS LIES AGAIN: Even when he doesn’t get paid for it. FORMER Obama press flack Robert Gibbs was asked about Obama’s ad with an actor claiming to be the husband of a woman who died because Romney’s company, Bain Capital, bought his company and fired him by saying, “We don’t have all the facts.” BULLSH-T! You DO have all the facts, but choose to misrepresent them, as usual.

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