Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Being A "Birther" Is NOT A "Bad Thing"

The Obama forces say the fact that a protester is a “birther” (not convinced Obama is not an American citizen) automatically discredits that citizen from criticizing him for  ANYTHING. That is patently NOT SO! Obama has NEVER PROVEN HIS CITIZENSHIP. He has released a PHONY BIRTH CERTIFICATE while claiming it is real. It was NOT REAL. Trying to fool us on this issue PROVES there’s something there for me. “Birthers” are NOT DISCREDITED for that belief until Obama releases his REAL birth certificate--and that will never happen. He’s too arrogant to think anybody will believe he’s not a citizen. What a FOOL this man is!

DISH CUTTING ITS OWN THROAT: They’re promoting a device that lets customers “skip over” commercials. Talk about “cutting off your own nose to spite your face! Commercials are what allows them to provide television. To allow customers to “skip over” them stops that. They should think about how THEY would feel if commercials THEY paid thousands of dollars to be run give them NO results because of people “skipping over” them.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT I LIED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat National Party chair, LIED in a fund raising e-mail and when she was called on it by Anderson Cooper (NOT a conservative, for sure) she tells him (and I’m paraphrasing to show what she was REALLY saying) “it doesn’t matter that I LIED in my quoting of the LA Times to make a point.” Debbie is a bad liar, but she will look you right in the eye and DENY the lie when she KNOWS you know she’s lying as she did here.

The VA is making some pretty good sounding offers to veterans if they’ll just SIGN a statement saying they “suffered from PTSD” or had ANY of the symptoms of it. What happens next is that ALL firearms owned and in the possession of the signer can be confiscated under the law in many states. This is the scam being used to DISARM all (or as many as possible) military veterans so their guns cannot be used if a revolution occurs. Something our government is actually EXPECTING if it continues on its current course.

VAGUE DEFINITION: The law used in one of the latest confiscations of weapons in Ohio has a very VAGUE definition of a “deadly weapon,” just like one on California years ago: (“Anything that can be projected at someone in such a way as to cause him/her discomfort”.) Under that loose definition, I would have to register my FIST as a “deadly weapon.” Or even a rolled up newspaper. This is how they operate: make an innocuous-sounding law that requires DEFINING by someone in authority, then DEFINE it the way you wish.

“EXTREMIST” VIEWS: Obama keeps saying Romney/Ryan have “extremist views.” But if the truth were known, the only “extremist views” out there come right out of Obama’s mouth, and his vice president’s mouth. As usual, they think if they repeat this often enough, you'll come to believe it. Romney and Ryan are only "extremists" to liberals like Obama/"Biteme"

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