Saturday, August 25, 2012

Demonizing Constitution Believers

Just as they have completely “demonized” and made irrelevant those who want to see Obama’s birth certificate (which he’s never shown, only a phony substitute) to the point where even CONSERVATIVE commentators like Glenn Beck say being a “birther” discredits everything else you say, they are trying to discredit similarly those who believe in the Constitution, freedom, the free market, and the right to keep and bear arms by making them into “white supremacists who want to destroy America.” They’re using RACISM to subvert us. Be AWARE.

“ILLEGAL ALIENS” HATE THAT LABEL: They want the government, and everyone else, to ignore the fact that they are here ILLEGALLY. They want us to use the term, “undocumented immigrant.” They say, “By saying illegal, they’re saying we broke a criminal law.” They DID, whether they want to admit it, or not. They say that’s a RACIST label. They’re WRONG, and THEY’RE the racists by saying this.

THEY’VE “MADE BELIEVERS” OUT OF MANY OF US: Even Romney’s ads include a line that “Obama inherited a bad situation” then made it worse. He “inherited a situation CREATED by his (Obama's) friends and mentors, specifically DESIGNED to get him and many other Democrats elected by passing the Community Reinvestment Act of 1976, forcing lenders to loan money to people who they KNEW could not repay it, a “recipe for disaster” they could use to get votes. And it worked.

That’s what the Feds are doing. They’re making it ILLEGAL for cops to ask people if they are citizens of the United States. This is a legitimate question and an effort to enforce the law. They are making it a CRIME to even ASK that question of someone they suspect of being a lawbreaker who sneaked into this country ILLEGALLY. This is a TRAVESTY. But typical of liberals.

GUTLESS WONDERS: Obama forces are now calling the Seal Team members who criticized him for releasing top secret information to promote a movie extolling his “accomplishments” by calling them “Swift Boat 2.0.” The fact that the Swift Boat criticisms have NOT been refuted doesn’t seem to matter. He and his henchmen call those people “gutless,” even though the only “gutless” people involved are Obama and his accomplices.

LIMBAUGH DOES NOT CONTROL THINGS: The liberals are still saying the “right” is CONTROLLED by Rush Limbaugh. LIE! Rush merely COMMENTS on what goes on. He does NOT control it, even if the left thinks otherwise. They’re WRONG, as usual. The left is wrong on almost everything it says, and always will be. Their BASIC premise is that “socialism works,” and they couldn’t BE more wrong. I comment on what’s happening too, but I don’t control it, either.

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