Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Official" Leaks

Obama saw to it the name of the Pakistani doctor who helped us find Osama bin Laden (or a lookalike) and kill him so they could retaliate against him. This killed any chances in the future of ANYBODY helping us in such a way. How stupid IS this president? The leak HAD to have come from him or someone very close to him. That much is obvious.

IRAQ HELPING IRAN: Showing just how much they appreciate us getting rid of Saddam, Iraq is now helping Iran “get around” America’s sanctions. This again shows how little you can depend on cooperation from one Muslim against another, no matter how despicable that other’s actions are. We should pull ALL our people OUT of the Middle East and keep out of Muslim fights with one another. Let them kill one another off and keep out of it.

GIRL DISCIPLINED FOR HAVING MILITARY BROTHER’S PICTURE ON HER NOTEBOOK: In a showing of just how far down we’ve come, a schoolgirl has been “disciplined” for having the picture of a soldier (her beloved brother) on her workbook. That’s like disciplining a child for praying in school. Looks like Obama’s “war on religion” and his “war on the military” are working, to the detriment of all Americans. Apparently she violated an “unwritten rule” (meaning one nobody dares write down, but which they WILL enforce) by doing so.

“NOBODY INTELLIGENT WOULD INVENT THIS”: Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill told CNBC that Obama was a “monstrosity” and that “nobody intelligent would have invented it.” In that, he’s right. But he’s wrong when he said that we should have “a progressive value-added tax that could help boost economic activity by substituting for corporate, payroll, or income taxes.” A “progressive” tax should never be applied.

HOW THE WORLD IS TODAY: In New York City, where they can’t sell 16 oz. Pop, nor anything containing “transfats,” a store owner was brutally knifed by a customer when he refused to sell beer to a man paying with food stamps. The Yemeni customer told him, “Don’t get me mad.” The owner still refused, and the man left—then came back and slashed him. This is how the world is today.

ARRESTED FOR “OFFENDING MUSLIMS”: A man was walking his licensed dog in a park across from the Canadian Provincial Legislature near where Muslims were holding an anti-Jewish rally. He was warned by several Muslims not to come near them and when he did, saying this is Canada, not Pakistan, he was jumped by several ANGRY cops and led away in handcuffs. When they got him out of sight, they released him on his promise to leave the area. All this happened in the “Islamic Republic of Canada” and will soon be coming here if I read the “tea leaves” right.

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