Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Matthews Goes Nuts

He accused every Republican of racism if they so much as MENTION Obama’s name at the convention. That’s what they want: the Republicans NOT to criticize Obama in any way by name. They think by that they can help Obama to be re-elected. I got a clue for the liberals (which includes Matthews). We’re not that stupid. “Once bitten, twice shy.” We were bitten in 2008, and we won’t be stupid enough to allow it to be repeated by re-electing this amazingly incompetent and arrogant fool.

ACTOR SAMUEL JACKSON: WHY DID GOD SPARE THE GOP? Like most liberals, Jackson hasn’t a clue about how things work. God doesn’t “punish” people for doing wrong. Not until after their death. Anyway. HE doesn’t “run things” on Earth. Unlike liberals, HE gave man the right to make their own decisions, good or bad. He just watches and punishes people in the “afterlife” if punishment is merited.

IS SHE GAY? Ann Romney got up and made a speech before the RNC convention during which she said, “I love you women!” Knowing the Democrats, I expect them to “pick up” on that in the worst way and suggest she is a lesbian. She isn’t. No lesbian would be married to the same guy for 40 years unless they had a very strange arrangement. And I don’t think a politician with hopes to become president would have such an “arrangement.” But I put nothing past the Democrats in their drive to retain power.

“WALKING EAGLE”: That’s the “Indian name” the Cherokees gave to Obama after he made a speech promising them the sun and the moon. When asked what the name meant, a tribal leader said, “That’s what we call an eagle that is so full of sh-t he cannot fly, so he walks.”

SAYS A LOT: It says a LOT about Obama that most of his campaign stops today are at universities. “The majority of his campaign stops are at colleges and universities where he can preach to the gullible students who can't think for themselves and haven't been ALIVE long enough to know what a con man he is.. To them he is a rock star, while they are living in their parents basements playing video games made by the large corporations they hate so much.” And they will continue to live there until we get rid of Obama and reverse his appalling schemes and cons.

NAVY SEAL REVEALS DETAILS OF BIN LADEN’S DEATH: He says Obama was not “ducking back in his bedroom” but was “peeking out of the room” when he was shot. So what? A man with that much blood on his hands deserves not a whit of consideration. Yes, he’s dead (IF that was him and not a lookalike). That’s all I need to know. There were only a few inches difference between the original (government approved) description and his. I don’t think he was close enough to judge Osama’s intentions. The shooter saw him and shot him. Simple. Maybe he was “going for a gun” and maybe not. There was one close by. We weren’t there. We don’t know. We’ll never know.

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