Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pelosi's Million Dollar Airplane

When she was Speaker of the House, she demanded the government provide her with a private airplane so she could fly back and forth to San Francisco at GOVERNMENT EXPENSE. They did it, and it cost us more than a MILLION DOLLARS in just the cost to fly the airplane. I don’t know if the cost of maintenance and the massive amount of booze she took along was included in that or was charged extra. I know this was an ABUSE of her position, But then you can expect that of a Democrat.

HOW DO YOU READ PEOPLE’S MINDS? A badminton team has been taken out of Olympic competition for “not trying to win” so they’d get an easier opponent. Really? What was their first clue? Did they read the player’s minds? Do they really think they can get away with this?

EQUATING RELIGIOUS THINGS WITH BIRTH CONTROL: They say organizations who don’t want to pay for birth control pills or other birth control with them wishing to stop birth control altogether. NOT! They just don’t want to PAY for things their beliefs say is WRONG, just because some government edict says they must. I say the Catholics and all other such groups should ignore Obama’s “edict.” There aren’t enough courtrooms to sue them ALL for the “fines.”

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: He’s now running another phony ad, whining about the “fact” that he does not get the “massive checks” Romney gets. LIE! He certainly DOES! There is NO WAY he doesn’t! This is a typical Obama LIE, and an attempt to con us yet again.

CHICK-FIL-A SETS SALES RECORDS: I’m ashamed of my fellow citizens (some of them, anyway) for their hate talk against Chic-Fil-A because they DARED to disagree with them. I’m proud of most of them, however, as they showed up in droves to SUPPORT them. I went there yesterday and the only demonstrators I saw were anti-abortion demonstrators. What’s that all about? Most of the people standing around were waiting for their food, since the number of customers swamped employees. Even so, I didn’t have to wait TOO long for mine.

IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY: Why is the Government Services Administration (GSA) so free with their bonus money that they give $30 million dollars in bonuses to their employees every year? They give bonuses for every movement, every day. They give bonuses to people who refrain from farting in their office! The answer is that it isn’t THEIR money. It’s YOUR money they give away. That’s how bureaucrats steal money from you, and call it legal.

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