Saturday, August 4, 2012

Secret Service Goes After Nugent

While ignoring Farrakhan’s threats. I wonder why? Is it because Nugent is white and Farrakhan is not only black but Muslim as well? Nugent talked about us “cutting off their heads in November” in the election while Farrakhan talked about REAL “rivers of blood.” They want to talk to Nugent, but have made no mention of Farrakhan. Of course, they will call me racist for pointing out this truth, but I’m used to that because I’m not afraid of criticizing blacks as well as whites when they screw up. That’s their “modus operandi.”

YOUR JOB TO “EDUCATE”: Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners their job is “to educate liberals” whenever they get a chance. But that’s impossible. It’s like “educating” a brick wall. They’re not listening. They just DON’T HEAR anything that goes against their conditioning.

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! That’s the motto of the Government Services Administration (GSA), I guess, because that’s how they operate. Whenever they get ANY money, they hasten to spend it as fast as they can so they can “get right on it” when they get some more. I guess they figure it’s their DUTY to spend your money as fast as they can. They don’t even consider $30 million dollar bonuses to be a “big thing,” at all.

REID NEEDS TO PROVE IT: He says a former Bain Capital stockholder came into his office and told him Romney did not pay taxes for TEN YEARS ( but will not name him) and that Romney needs to provide proof he did. WRONG! Romney doesn’t need to prove ANYTHING! Reid needs to provide proof that he DIDN’T, or face action for LYING in a presidential election. What a SCUZZ this guy Reid is!

NO WAR ROOMS: The Obama forces want to eliminate “war rooms” created by people opposed to his silly policies. But nary a word about those run by those NOT opposed to his policies. Who does he think he’s fooling when he suggests things like this? Maybe he needs to just SHUT UP. But he won’t. He talks with his nose pointed in the air because he thinks he “knows best.”

GEITNER STILL THINKS RECESSION IS OVER: Timothy Geitner, the tax cheat now running the IRS, two years ago told us the recession was over. This shows the caliber of the people Obama has called upon to be in his “regime.” Not only is he a tax cheat in his own right, he hasn’t a CLUE what’s going on, and his comments prove it. Just like Obama himself.

HONOR KILLINGS ARE WRONG! In India, a lawyer murdered his own sister, right in court. He smuggled a gun into the court room while security looked elsewhere and murdered his sister Raheela Sehto right in front of the judges. And this is not only LEGAL under Sharia Law, it is URGED. Her family tried to prosecute her husband for kidnapping. He used the entry of the judges as a cover for the killing. And Muslims want to force Sharia on us? NEVER! It ain’t agonna happen!

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