Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twisting the Truth

Liberals are running an ad saying that Bain Capital made money when companies they tried to save failed anyway. LIE! They LOST money when that happened. They only MADE money if they saved the company and it prospered, like Staples (one of their 80% plus successes) is doing.

VOTER FRAUD ALMOST NONEXISTENT: That’s the Democrat’s reason for being against requiring a picture ID in order to vote. But the REASON proven voter fraud IS nonexistent is because they don’t have the tools to prove it. Without verifiable ID there’s no way to catch it. Thus, they can’t prove it.

WE SHAMED HIM INTO IT: Barack Obama made a surprise appearance before his press corps Monday after he was “called” on only doing interviews with “entertainment reporters” who would not ask him any tough questions—mainly because they don’t know what questions to ask. One female entertainment reporter even enthused about having “flirted” with him during her interview. Now let’s see how many other times he appears before REAL reporters.

“SOLID SOUTH” NO LONGER RED OR BLUE: Democrats could always count on the South to vote as a “bloc” in any election after the civil war, but that has ended, since Obama destroyed their trust. They can no longer be counted on by either side any more. The South is now “solidly purple” and cannot be counted on to get him re-elected in spite of all his screwups.

OBAMA FORCES DESCRIBE ROMNEY AS “UNHINGED”: Boy, are THEY reaching! They’re terrified they’re going to lose (and they’re right) and are reduced to coming up with stupid statements like that and Harry Reid’s lying claim that Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years since they have nothing FACTUAL to bring against him. (Update: Now they’re saying he only paid 14%, which is true, but the same rate paid by ALL people earning capital gains, including Obama).

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