Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's A "Birther?"

It’s a word “made-up” by Obama and his people that he uses to ridicule anybody who so much as HINTS he isn’t an American citizen and is therefore NOT ELIGIBLE to be President of the United States. The lengths to which he has gone to DEFLECT, not disprove that question (including spending millions of our dollars) tells me a lot.

RNC ATTENDEES EJECTED: The story is, they “threw food at a black CNN camerawoman saying, this is how we feed animals.” It’ probably true, and I’ll bet those who did it were not Republicans, but Democrats in disguise. This smacks of a typical Democrat stunt to convince America that Republicans are racists, when events and statistics show the biggest, and best-known racists are, and have been, in the Democrat Party. You should note, those people were instantly thrown out, as they should have been.

ROMNEY/RYAN NOMINATED!: Surprise, surprise! Is there ANYBODY in this country surprised by this “official nomination?” The whole world knew he was the Republican nominee to run for president and have for months. Why was it necessary to spend so much money to make a “circus” of his nomination? Likewise the DNC convention to be held next week. We all know Obama will be their nominee, so why the “dog-and-pony-show?” Politics as usual, don’tcha know? It's all a non-paid commercial for the candidate.

“INFILTRATING” THE GOP: Some liberal (and even some GOP) news outlets are asking “How much have the Tea Parties ‘infiltrated’ the GOP?” The Tea Parties don’t NEED to “infiltrate” the GOP. They ARE the GOP. At least, the REAL GOP. The GOP is SUPPOSED to be the OPPOSITION to the Democrats. Why would they NEED to “infiltrate” the GOP? Unless the GOP is violating their basic principles.

THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK: Obama is accusing Republicans of “telling lies.” He should recognize a lie, because he is the most skilled and blatant liar out there. He would rather tell a lie than the truth, when the truth would serve better. The press hasn’t yet “marveled” at his abilities as a liar as they did for Clinton, but it’s coming.

THE “BIG LIPSTICK CAPER”: Condoleeza Rice had lipstick on her teeth as she made her stirring speech at the Republican National Convention. Oh, HORRORS! The liberals “went nuts” over that. Which shows me they have NOTHING ELSE to cry about and they just want to divert people’s attention from that without having to answer any uncomfortable questions.

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