Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clinton Hates Obama

He won’t say it out loud, but he said Romney was a “sterling” businessman, Why would he like the man who BEAT his wife in 2008? He says things that are supposed to fool Obama into thinking he is supporting him, but slips in such things as the “sterling” remark, which denies everything Obama’s forces are saying.

NOTICE WHAT OBAMA THREATENS: Social Security retirees, military retirees, Social Security disability recipients, and federal retirees. Nowhere does he mention stopping payments to illegal aliens or Internet privileges for violent inmates or to fire some of the “deadwood” in his own government. He did not threaten to stop taking so many expensive “vacations,” nor did he say he would stop his wife’s extravagant vacations. Nor did he threaten to take away welfare or food stamps. He said nothing about reducing foreign aid. (Unknown source)

RECOVERY?” Half of American households are living on government handouts and don’t have jobs. Soon it will be more than half. That means more people riding in the wagon than are pushing it. This is a “recovery?” Gimme a break! The fact that this is what Obama WANTS is the “best kept secret in Washington.” He figures if he can keep it this way it’ll be easier for him to con us into going socialist whole wrongly blaming “capitalism” for it.

DISTORTIONS AND TWISTING OF FACTS: That’s how Democrats get subjects for criticism of conservatives. They take a simple logical statement and twist it all out of shape, then criticize the statement’s maker. Like they did with Rush’s “I hope he fails” statement about Obama. They twisted it to mean Rush hopes WE fail. What he meant was he wanted OBAMA to fail in all his efforts to make this into a socialist country (which rush KNEW was Obama's purpose). And if you don’t know why socialism is bad, you’d better find out—quick.

But they were inconsequential taxes like raising highway taxes (temporarily) 3%. Income tax base rates went DOWN from 70% to 15% and 28%, but when Democrats got back into office they quickly raised them back up to 38%. Never believe a word of what Democrats tell you. It will be a twisted version of the truth, or a flat-out LIE.

NO SCORE? WHAT’S THE USE? Liberals want to eliminate keeping score from sports events. But that begs the question: “If you don’t keep score, what’s the use of playing the game?” What would be the point of an auto race if the winner didn’t win? In children’s sports, the kids keep score even if the adults don’t. Not keeping score in sports is one of the left’s usual STUPID ideas and we can only hope that more intelligent people prevail.

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