Sunday, June 17, 2012

Muslim Extremists Are STUPID!

They’re the worst bigots going, but any time ANYTHING affects them negatively, whether or not it’s aimed at them, they claim it is, and whine about it. They HATE everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do, word for word, and want to KILL  them. And then they whine when a bakery that HIRES Muslims makes a new rule, they ASSUME it is made to hurt them and walk off the job. I say let them STAY off the job and hire no more Muslims without them signing a pledge not to file such suits based on their religion.

PHOTO ID REQUIRED: For Michelle’s book signing. Remind me; why is it Democrats hate the whole idea of requiring a photo ID for something important like to vote? What a bunch of BS! And they never explain such contradictions; ever. They ignore people who ask questions about it, and then set out to destroy them after calling them vile names.

GAY MARRIAGE: Everybody’s still worrying over gay marriage, as if it was an important question; more important than Obama spending more of (our) money than there IS; more than him continuing to erode the value of our money by printing more and more of it. More than all he has done to move us ever closer to socialism. Yes, gays should be able to make contracts similar to marriage between themselves, but they should NOT be able to call it “marriage.” Funny thing is that’s all they want is the WORD marriage.

“OUR FINGER IS ON THE WAR TRIGGER”: That’s what an Iranian general has said, according to World Net Daily. Who cares? It’s like a mouse running up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Not many countries are more insignificant than Iran.They don’t know it, but if ONE piece of war equipment (which is all they have, anyway) is detected heading our way, within an hour, Iran will cease to exist. They really think their threats worry us. That is sheer stupidity.

I DON’T “HATE” MUSLIMS: But I DO hate what SOME Muslims do. I don’t know how big this group of Muslim extremists are, but it is wreaking havoc all over the world, blowing people up, beheading “unbelievers,” planting explosives where innocent people can find them, designed to explode and kill them when thy pick them up (like the flashlights that have injured three people in Arizona when people picked them up). When we criticize them for their atrocities and rightly expose them, they call it “Muslim hatred.” How STUPID! They think we don’t see through that.

OBAMA IS “OFFENDED”: Poor BABY! It offends him that people think he would allow leaks of national secrets to make himself look like he’s a REAL tough president. Funny; we all KNOW he is the source, and the purpose IS to make himself look good before the election. That’s the sort of thing he does. He doesn’t care if it gets somebody killed, as long as it isn’t him.

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