Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama "Fiscally Conservative?"

Damn! How STUPID do they think Americans ARE? He spends more of our money than there IS? Then he tries to con Americans into thinking he is “fiscally responsible!” What world are they living in? What are they smoking? Damn, what a bunch of FOOLS we sent to Washington in 2008! We can’t get rid of this bunch of thugs quickly enough.

OBAMA HAS PROVEN HIS INCOMPETENCE: The main difference between Romney and Obama is that Obama is incompetent. He thinks collectivism (socialism) is the way to go. He actually BELIEVES that, and is working diligently to make it happen in America. He wants the American version of “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” Maybe not communism itself, but SOCIALISM, which is simply ONE version of collectivism (communism is another). To think that way displays his incompetence and the biggest reason why we want no part of him.

REWARDING OUR ENEMIES: Obama’s list of people to give the “Medal of Freedom” to contains a number of communists, Marxists, and other socialists, for the most part. These are his heroes, and you can expect him to hinor such people. It’s like the old “Hero or the Soviet Union” list in Russia. You got a “red star” and were made over by the press.

“NANNY MAYOR” STRIKES AGAIN: Mayor Bloomberg, in New York City, has proposed a ban on pops bigger than 16 oz. It not only wouldn’t work (all you have to do is buy two smaller ones), it’s illegal and would be injunctioned by the courts before it ever saw the light of day. They’d better get rid of this FOOL before he runs for president and wins. Then he’d start banning things nationally.

ASSAD SHOULD BE HANGED: We need to go into Syria and capture Bashir Assad, much as we did Saddam, then let is people HANG him. He needs more than what he would get from a court. He needs to be left for a long time contemplating his fate while sitting in a cell with NOTHING to do while thinking abut his neck being stretched. Or hiding in a rat hole, frightened he'll be found.

ROMNEY’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: It’s a scam. Obama is demanding to see Romney’s birth certificate to take our attention off the fact that he is HIDING his. There is no question about Romney’s birthplace as there is a legitimate question about his. When he shows his REAL birth certificate I MAY start to wonder about Romney’s. But not likely.

FOX IN TROUBLE FOR TRUTH: Fox News gets in trouble for airing a segment comparing Obama’s own words from his election campaign for 2008 and what actually happened. This is the kind of politics we have today, where you can get in trouble for telling the truth.

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