Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Change" for the Worse

Obama promised “change,” and he has delivered. The country has “changed” for the WORSE. That’s about the only promise he has kept. Debbie Dingell says people just want jobs! How right she is. But Obama isn’t the one to “create jobs” by his policies. Every policy he creates makes the “job picture” worse. We need a certain number of jobs created just to keep EVEN with population growth, and that number of jobs just have NOT appeared.

TWISTING HIS WORDS AS USUAL: The liberals are giving Rush Limbaugh hell for saying police and firefighters don’t help the economy. They’re equating that to “value.” They DO create VALUE, but do NOTHING to create new wealth, which is what he means. Police and firefighters ARE valuable, but they do not create new wealth, and that’s what we need, not more “public sector” jobs. We need more “PRIVATE sector” jobs.

“COOL” IS RACIST: A noted liberal  recently actually said that. This just proves yet again how STUPID liberals are. They come out, all the time, making REALLY STUPID statements; statements ANYBODY with any intelligence at all KNOW are stupid, yet they still make them and have no idea how stupid they sound.

What? I don’t know of ANY newspaper with more of an agenda than the New York Times. And they’re “worried about newspapers with an agenda?” Maybe before criticizing other newspapers, they should look at themselves.

OBAMA TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH: He says the news media took his statement that “the private sector is doing fine” out of context. But how do you run a video from beginning to end of his remarks and “take it out of context?” It is exactly what he said, and he meant it. This lightweight actually DOES think the private sector is “doing fine.” It shows just how “out of touch” he really is.

DOOMBERG THINKS IT’S HIS RESPONSIBILTITY TO TELL US WHAT TO EAT: He’s wrong. He’s a FOOL.  If he thinks over 16 oz. drinks are bad for us he can tell us. Same for transfats, smoking, and popcorn. But not to the extent of BANNING them. That’s the action of a DICTATOR, which he is not.

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