Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kofi Jumps Up and Down

The Assad regime murdered hundreds of people and blamed it on the rebels. Among the dead, many of whom were shot, execution-style, were CHILDREN. And UN Secretary General “screamed bloody murder.” But he’s not likely to do anything else. If ANYBODY stops Assad from murdering his people it will have to be us. But not until we get rid of that “pimple on the butt of America,” Barack Obama.

“MAKING OBAMA’S BASE MAD”: That’s what a Washington Post writer says we need to guard against. Why? Who cares about Obama’s “base?” Obama’s “base” is the people who aren’t smart enough to realize Obama’s socialism is a BAD thing. People who think criminals will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed. People who believe you can SPEND yourself to prosperity. Who cares about those ignorant people?

BAIN VS. SOLYNDRA: The lesson we get, according to Mary Catherine Ham, is this: “Obama is a BAD investor, using OUR money, while Romney is a very GOOD investor, according to his 80% success rate, vs. Obama’s 0% success rate. Obama is trying to make it look like Romney FORCED companies into bankruptcy, when that is a LIE. You don’t make money by forcing a company you’ve BOUGHT into bankruptcy. That is the stupidity fostered by the liberals, who haven’t a CLUE about the whole process.

KILLS TWO AMERICANS: An air strike in Yemen killed 10 al-Qaida members, two of them American citizens. Muslims are making a big thing out of the killing of the two Americans, like that’s a “no-no.” For my part, it doesn’t matter where they’re from; if they’re consorting with al-Qaida members in Yemen they take their chances with the rest of the terrorists.

WAS VIET NAM WAR WRONG? I don’t know. I wasn’t “paying attention” when it was going on. I didn’t even know that the American Congress DEFUNDED that war and literally THREW it until my brother, who was IN it, told me. His view is that this war was simply a way of facilitating the drug trade and if we think it was fought to stop communism in that area, we’re wrong. I don’t know. I won’t argue it with him until I do my own research. That brings up a question: What about the CURRENT war in Afghanistan? Can we believe our government ANY time?

PROFIT-MAKING IS JOB CREATION! Obama and his gang of thieves paint profit-making as some kind of a sin, but that’s a LIE and he knows it. Else why would he GIVE millions, maybe BILLIONS of dollars to help “certain companies” not go bankrupt? Why did he BUY 30% interest in General Motors? What constitutes “financial well-being” for a business? MAKING A PROFIT! Why won’t he admit that PROFIT is his goal when he does that? When he “does business” with other nations? PROFIT is the whole reason for someone to go into business. Job-creation is simply a BY-PRODUCT of making a profit.

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