Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama Shuts Down Critical Web Site

He shouldn’t have the power to do it, but he has, if people will not do anything to stop him and he can scare people enough. He told web site host “GoDaddy” to shut down the site owned by Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government (so what?).” And “GoDaddy” did it. (Which means I will never have a site hosted by them).“GoDaddy wouldn’t tell us who told them to do it, but we found out it was Obama’s “tattler site,” the “Truth Team,” which has NO authority to order ANY site shut down. I think Hagmann has a “cause of action” that should cost “GoDaddy” a lot of money.

“A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE” should not include the right to choose MURDER of the result of careless, unprotected sex. They forget that a woman has NO right to choose what is done with her own body, else there would be no prostitution laws. Planned Parenthood does not include “a woman’s right to choose” to HAVE the baby when they talk about it.

USING THE “RACE CARD”: Liberals use the “race card” more than anybody I know, especially since Obama was elected. But their very use of the “race card” means, to me, they HAVE no arguments, so all they can do is call people names.

“COMPROMISE”: Why is it that when in a dispute with a liberal (especially Obama) it’s always the OTHER SIDE that gets criticized for “refusing to compromise.” Where is it written that Obama or his liberal friends never have to compromise?

OUTSPENT BY HIS OPPONENT: Obama is the first sitting president in memory to have been outspent by his opponent. Does that tell you anything about his chances of being re-elected? I don’t think he has a prayer. I don’t think he thinks so, either, no matter how much he may deny it.

NO “VICTORY LAPS”: Obama said there would be no “victory laps” or “spiking the ball” after his (supposed) killing of Osama. But how many times has he mentioned it, both in campaign ads and in campaign speeches? (Is there any other kind?)

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