Thursday, June 21, 2012

Banning Gold

Gold is the most reliable investment there is, under our current economical system. When the stock market goes down, gold predictably goes up. It is worth thousands of dollars an ounce now. I remember when it was worth about $300.00 an ounce. But I expect Obama to do the same thing that was done before when the government wanted to stop people from investing in gold: ban it. At one time it was illegal for ANYBODY but the government to OWN gold, until wiser heads came along. The liberals in our government abhor a profit, and people who own gold make a profit when others are losing.

THE “RESET BUTTON: Putin and Hillary made a “big thing” of “pushing the reset button” on relations between America and Russia. What a load of bullsh-t! We need to keep treating Russia as the enemy they are. One of our biggest problems today is Iran, and they are helping them. Not only that, they’re selling armaments to the Syrian government to use in murdering their citizens.

The founders made a “small error” when they wrote the Constitution. They failed to include a PENALTY for any politician who signed, or voted for an act that violated the Constitution, and for any Supreme Court Justice who did so, as they did in the decision that made abortion legal in this country. Obama has brazenly violated the Constitution many times because he CAN, without being punished. They can’t even declare his actions unconstitutional without SOMEBODY spending a LOT of money to bring a court case, and usually AFTER it has been enforced.

THE DIFFERENCE: My son “who pays no attention to politics” told me that Jimmy Carter gave “amnesty” to some illegal aliens when I told him about Obama doing it “administratively” and, in effect, enforcing the “Dream Act,” which has been rejected THREE TIMES by the Congress. He SAYS it’s because “the Congress failed to act.” But they did. They told him “NO.” Besides: it’s not his right to enforce a law that has been rejected by Congress, which is a “co-equal” branch of government. He has NO POWER superior to theirs. The difference is, Carter actually got a LAW passed to do his “dirty work.”

JUST MAKING TROUBLE: Nidal Hassan, the American soldier who is a Muslim terrorist that MURDERED 13 people on a military base, is making as much peripheral trouble as he can. He has grown a beard, which is against military rules and regulations. This he knew when he JOINED the military. Why is he making an issue of it now? To make trouble and delay justice for his crimes, of course.

“SAY YOU’RE SORRY”: That’s what Pakistan wants the U. S. to do about killing Osama bin Laden in their country. I got a clue for ya, folks: it ain’t agonna happen (Unless the “serial apologizer, Obama, does it)! Pakistan needs to apologize for “harboring” him right next to a military establishment all those years.

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