Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is It Racist to Say "Blacks Attack Whites?"

 No, not if it’s true. To ignore the fact of black on white in a crime report is racist in itself. We’re becoming way too “politically correct.” “Political correctness” is just the liberals’ way of CONTROLLING what we may say, and I don’t buy into it. They can take their PC Speech and stick it.

A simple breakin by Republicans sunk Nixon and a lot more people. Why is a scandal that resulted in at LEAST one death not the same for Obama? He HAD to know about what they were doing and approved it. You don’t do such things as APPROVE the breaking of the law in a “sting” without the foreknowledge of the president AND the Attorney General, their LIES notwithstanding.

THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY: Every day there’s a new “panic” that “needs” your money to combat it. They run commercials whipping up “concern” for obesity and starvation, poverty and too much money (the rich) and then ask for money to “combat” what they view as a “problem.” I think it’s all a LOAD.

“CENTRIST” DEMOCRATS: That’s a contradiction in terms. Yet I hear this term mentioned every day in news services all over the cable, including Fox. Why Fox would fall for the efforts of the liberals to make us use the words LIBERALS put out, I don’t know. I DO know that one way to win an argument is to DICTATE the very words that can be used in the debate. I will not allow it.

“NORTHERN CALIFORNIA?” People constantly call the San Francisco area “northern California.” What about Eureka and other parts much further north? What about Redding? What do they think about this? How about Chico, Yuba City and Paradise? That’s like calling Denver “northern Colorado.” The way people think never ceases to amaze me.

FAST INFLATION: During the Weimar Republic inflation, when you went in and got a cup of coffee, you paid for it “up front” because by the time you finished drinking it, the price had doubled. We’re going tin the same direction here as prices rise exponentially because of the socialist measures Obama is taking.

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