Saturday, June 9, 2012

Questioning Obama's Birthplace

That seems to be a “no-no” in today’s world. If you do it, you get called names and ridiculed. But he has never properly ANSWERED the question about his birthplace. He DID once release an obviously phony “birth certificate” that wasn’t even a “masterpiece” of Photoshop work. It is a LEGITIMATE question and should be treated as such, the questioner not ridiculed and called names.

“WOODSHED MUST BE PAINFUL” It’s amazing to me how many Democrats have tried to “distance themselves” from Obama, only to “change their tune” the next day. That can only mean one thing: they were “taken to the woodshed” and FORCED to do it. It’s a “political crime” today for a Democrat to say ANYTHING that might be construed to be against Obama OR his policies. Obama has his chains tugged up tight on Democrats. I’m glad I’m not a Democrat. I’d have to tell him to go to hell.

THE BEST SYSTEM GOING: That’s what we have. It’s not perfect, but it is far and away better than any other system in this world. So why do so many otherwise intelligent (I think) people want to change it to a proven lesser system (socialism) that has failed (or is failing) everywhere it has been tried? It’s probably the power they want.

IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE: Liberals think we’re stupid and they’re “the smartest people in the room.” They’re wrong, and they’re too ignorant to know it. They can’t even IMAGINE it. They are ignorant and arrogant; a combination that can be DEADLY.

“READING TOO MUCH AYN RAND”: Some liberals have criticized conservatives for “reading too much Ayn Rand.” That’s an easy way to show their own ignorance. Maybe if they read some Ayn Rand, they might learn something. Ayn Rand writes LOGIC, something many liberals deny even exists, which shows obviously their ignorance and incompetence to hold ANY political office.

WELL . . .IT HAPPENED AGAIN: We killed (maybe) al Qaida’s top man (bin Laden) so Abu Yahya Libi became the second in command. So we killed him, too. The next guy in line might not be so anxious to “take over command” because he knows he’ll be next. “You can run but you can’t hide.” It’s a story of repeated success, followed by ultimate failure. That’s what you get when you take on the United States with a fifteenth century force.

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