Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Has A Lot of Gall

He has the gall to knock Romney on debt in Massachusetts? While he has given us $FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in debt? Debt we won’t be able to repay in our lifetime. He also criticizes him on JOBS. Something on which his own record is worse than ANY president going into an election. Romney’s debt was when he went INTO office. Obama’s is CURRENT and growing. Romney’s debt WENT DOWN before he left office.

OBAMA SEZ REAGAN RAISED TAXES: Is he DAFT? Does he really think he can make it up as he goes long and nobody will call him on it? I was alive and paying attention during the Reagan administration and it was a well-known fact that Reagan was the KING of the tax reducers, ending by lowering the basic tax rate (for everybody) and by so doing almost DOUBLING the “tax take.” Comeawwn, O! Can’t you come up with something a little harder to refute?

LIBERALS INCOMPETENT: Liberals are “in charge” just about everywhere in the WORLD where the government is going bankrupt. Does this tell you anything about the competence of those liberals “IN charge?” To a man (or woman) they’ll try and blame it on the “opposition” (whatever it is called, but it ain’t agonna work.

DO WE DISTORT OBAMA’S WORDS? That’s what his ads say, but why would we have to? He does the best job I know of making STUPID statements, such as “The private sector is doing fine.” when we ALL know it’s not. Then there’s his insistence that there IS no “war on terror” while Islamic terrorists are DAILY murdering innocent people all over the world because they don’t believe exactly the same way they do.

He doesn’t know ANYTHING. Any president who would say “the private sector is doing fine” when it is well known that it is nearly impossible for most college graduates (forget those with fewer qualifications) to get jobs, that employers are AFRAID to hire anybody because they’re unsure of what new regulations Obama’s going to come up with next? And they’re waiting to see if he gets fired.

WE DON’T KNOW OBAMA: We know NOTHING about this man, who CONNED his way into the presidency. What we THINK we know came from his two books, which have been PROVEN to be “works of fiction,” not fact. We DO know he was born a socialist, raised a socialist by socialists, mentored by socialists and raving idiot socialist preachers and all his “programs” are socialist. IS he a socialist? You answer that question and, if your eyes are not solidly closed, you will say yes.

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