Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama Drops Again

A recent Gallup Poll says Obama’s approval rate has again dropped, this time to 43%. At this rate, by the time the election rolls around, his approval rate will be down to 20% and there won’t be any surprise, even to him, when he is voted out on his floppy ears.

USING THE IRS ON OPPONENTS: Many presidents have used the IRS to go after their political enemies, which is an abuse of power. People should not have to worry about opposing any presidential policy for fear that the IRS will be “sent after them.” The IRS can CLAIM that ANYBODY owes them money, ANY TIME, and that person must PAY that amount to them BEFORE they can bring action in a court not run by the IRS to dispute their claim, thus sullying their name and, in some cases, discrediting them and ruining themby the simple fact of the action.

WOULD HOLDER LIE? Democrat Shiela Jackson Lee is HORRIFIED that Holder is being called a liar. That ANY office holder would be thought to be a liar. What planet is this lady living on? Politicians, elected or appointed, LIE. They lie to cover up their screw-ups; they lie to cover up their scams. They lie for many reasons, and to think it is unthinkable for them to lie is the epitome of ignorance.

OBAMA JUST KEEPS ON LYING: He can’t say anything TRUTHFUL about his own record so he “cherry-picks” times (usually when Romney has just been elected) that he has somewhat high numbers like one time when he had an $18 billion dollar deficit. He says Romney is not good at “creating jobs” while ignoring his own crappy jobs record. He also ignores his own $FIVE BILLION DOLLAR deficit that seems will never go away in the lifetimes of either ourselves or three generations of our descendants.

TWISTING WORDS: The best people in the world for twisting their enemies’ words, then criticizing what they MAKE the words say are the liberal Democrats (a redundancy, there). The best example of this is rush Lzimbaugh saying “I hope Obama fails.” They twisted that to mean Rush hopes the COUNTRY fails, which, of course, is not anything like what he meant to say. He meant that he wanted Obama’s socialist POLICIES to fail.

OBAMA’S GETTING DESPERATE: He’s falling behind Romney in money raised, even though he attends a fund raiser every ten minutes, it seems. So now he’s telling people who are getting married to “forego” their wedding presents and tell their friends to send the money they would have spent to Obama’s re-election committee, no matter who they were planning on supporting.

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