Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Criticizing the Critic

Obama’s people are now instantly calling “birthers” names every time they mention the president’s birth question. But they never answer the question. It’s like it’s some kind of a crime, just to mention it. That may be a good way to avoid answering the question, but it doesn’t work with me. I want an ANSWER! Not a bunch of the kind of bullsh-t we’re getting now.

OBAMA LIES, AS USUAL: On something completely unimportant. He claims to be the “swoosh master’ at Twitter, having used up all of the allowed letters in one Tweet. But he didn’t; he STARTED his Tweet with a period, added an extra space before a comma, added an extra (invisible) space at the end, causing the “Tweet counter” to register 140 spaces used, when he actually used only 137. A typical Obama lie about something completely unimportant. FYI: I’ve done it several times and didn’t even know it was something special. I've done it twice in the last week, but I don't "proclaim it to the skies."

LIKE THE MAFIA: Asking Barack Obama to “honor our heroes” is like asking a Mafioso to honor his victims. Obama and just about ALL liberals hate soldiers and think there IS no “honorable war.” They’re wrong about that, as they are wrong about almost everything; and they're too stupid to know it.

IT’S ALL SYMBOLISM: NASCAR says they “plant ten trees” to “suck up” all the pollution created by the cars going around the track at 200 MPH for hundreds of laps. It’s just symbolism. The trees couldn’t do ANYTHING about the pollution from 43 cars doing hundreds of laps spewing exhaust. But the government doesn’t care. It “shows their concern for the environment” and that’s all they care about, true or not: the symbolism. Air Force One spews more pollution into the atmosphere every time Obama takes an unnecessary trip.

“ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”: Rush Limbaugh famously led the exodus, although I’m sure he wasn’t the first person to leave New York to avoid excessive taxes. Indeed, 3.4 MILLION New York residents have fled New York’s excessive taxation and regulation. When are the liberals running New York going to “wise up” and go a little easier on their citizens (probably never)? They STILL audit Rush every year and force him to prove he has not worked a single day in New York. They’re like barnacles on the bottom of a ship.

LIBERALS INCOMPETENT: All over the world, liberal governments are running out of “other people’s money” and experiencing the troubles that will cause as “moochers” who have come to think of their giveaways as their “rightful due” riot and make trouble, a la OWS. In France, they rioted, and even elected a known socialist they can count on to continue the giveaways in spite of dwindling resources. Look behind ANY obviously incompetent politician and he/she will be a liberal and/or a socialist (under whatever name they go).

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