Sunday, June 24, 2012

No More "Drive-Bys"

Things are getting so bad, the other day I saw gang members doing a “pedal-by shooting” because they couldn’t afford gas for their cars.

EGYPT ELECTS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBER: They elected Mohammed Morsi (y?) president. A man who has promised to write them a new Constitution, one more to his liking. If Obama said that, I’d be afraid—very afraid—because I KNOW the kind of a Constitution he’d come up with would make me (and any other intelligent people) gag. It amazes me how otherwise intelligent people ELECT their own dictators. Like we did.

CONCENTRATING ON NEGATIVES: And lying about them. Democrats talk incessantly about Romney’s SMALL number of failures while LYING about them making a PROFIT on those failures. They don’t. They lose money on them, but don’t try and convince a liberal of that. Bain Capital profited ONLY when they succeeded, which was more than 80% of the time. Liberals are dishonest in EVERYTHING they do or say.

IT’S NOT BUSH’S FAULT! Obama is trying to say Bush started what became “Fast & Furious,” but he didn’t. His “similar” program had a very different goal (and even a different name) than Obama’s, ended TWO YEARS BEFORE Obama’s started when it was found to be not working. Obama started his to defame gun dealers in America and got a lot of people KILLED. There’s little similarity between Bush’s program and Obama’s. There might be ONLY in Obama’s mind.

MORE CONCENTRATING ON NEGATIVES: The Democrats and other liberals keep saying we only talk about Obama’s FAILURES and never mention his successes. Problem there is, we can’t FIND any successes (by our definition) to talk about. What THEY consider successes, we consider FAILURES.

NOT THE RIGHT DOCUMENTS: Liberals, including Obama’s mouthpiece Jay Whatever his name is, say they’ve turned over THOUSANDS of documents. Only problem is, the documents they’ve “turned over” have nothing to do with “Fast & Furious” and are simply a “document dump” to keep them busy and waste their time.

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