Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liberal Politicians THREW Viet Nam

My brother (who was there) says the Viet Nam war was “just a cover for drug trade.” I don’t know if he’s right or not. I wasn’t there. He’s still a hero in my eyes because he “signed up” to put his life on the line to protect my liberty. What I DO know is the liberal politicians of the time THREW that war, and have been “throwing” wars ever since. They may even be NOW “throwing” the war against Islamic terrorists. I know Obama denies the very EXISTENCE of this war.

“RICH NOT PAYING FAIR SHARE”: That’s a familiar lie from liberals. You can’t stop them from maintaining that, even though “the rich” pay 80% or MORE of all taxes paid. They get away with it because people who know the truth get tired of correcting them. I will NEVER tire of correcting their lies. If I stop, you’ll know I’m dead.

END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT: That’s what was said by an angry anti-Scott Walker voter with tears in his eyes. It amazes me how such people can BE so ignorant while being alive. Walker ran on a platform of reducing spending , taxes, and lowering the budget. He did exactly that, and was confirmed by a vote that exceeded the one that put him in office. How that “ended America as we know it,” I cannot fathom. I think this voter is just stupid.

SHE KNOWS THE CONSTITUTION? Nancy Peelosi says the Supreme Court will uphold Obama’s health care swindle law 6-3 “because I know the Constitution.” Sounds to me as if she hasn’t a clue what the Constitution says. Else she’d keep her mouth shut. But Nancy is not known for keeping her mouth shut, even when she KNOWS she’s wrong—which is just about all the time.

OBAMA IS “OFFENDED”: He’s “offended” that we should say he’s a socialist. Does he think we’re STUPID? All we have to do is listen to his rhetoric to see the truth of those who say he is a socialist. All he talks about is hurting the rich (punishing achievement), making it more difficult to BECOME rich, “sharing the wealth,” and a “fair share” of other people’s earnings. Let him be “offended.” We don’t care a whit what he thinks.

REMOVING MUSLIM THREATS: I have to give credit to “America’s Heritage” for this. It’s perfect: “The Navy Seals removed one Muslim threat to the US; now it’s up to the voters to remove the other.” statement.

ONE MORE REASON NOT TO HIRE MUSLIMS: A Muslim female bakery worker in Minnesota got her long skirt caught in some machinery so the management changed the rules to require shorter skirts and 30 Muslim women walked out, claiming the rule was made to get them to quit. Well, maybe it wasn’t, but it worked perfectly, didn’t it? Just ignore their self-serving rants and let them go wherever (else) they want. We don’t need such whiners working for us. Somebody needs to tell them it’s not all about THEM.

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