Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Political Incompetence

All the time I hear Obama’s message” “We just ask the rich to give a little more and all our problems will go away.” WRONG! First of all, there are NOT enough “rich” to do but a small part; second, It’s not their responsibility to come up with money to pay off Obama’s stupid spending. We need to NURTURE the “rich,” who are the very ones who actually DO “create jobs” in their efforts to become richer. We need to quit punishing the achievers.

MAKING THINGS WORSE: That seems to be what Obama does best. He has made the economy worse with his ignorant policies. He has made gas prices continue to rise significantly because of his ignorant policies. Everything he touches he makes worse. He told us if we elected him president that would forever END racism in America. It didn’t. He has single-handedly taken a country that was making significant progress in racism and turned it several years back in race relations. Blacks and whites are now “at each other’s throats” a lot more now than they were when he was elected, and that’s HIS fault.

“I’LL HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY AFTER MY ELECTION”: What a monumental ego Obama must have to make such a statement to the (then) Russian president. It assumes he’s going to win re-election. He’s not. He’s going to be “bounced” out on his rear by such a big margin there’s NO WAY he can steal this election like he did the one in 2008. He’ll have more flexibility, all right. But it will mean nothing because he won’t be president.

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: The only truth that is ever contained in Obama’s political advertising is this: “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.” And I’m not so sure THAT is the truth. Everything you THINK you know about Obama is a lie. Even his name. Both his books (written by an American terrorist) are lies. The truth is beginning to come out now, and it ain’t pretty.

EUROPE BLAMES US: They blame us for their economy problems. But of course, as usual, they’re wrong. THEY are responsible for their own economic problems, and ours as well. Not because they did anything overt, but because Obama wants us to “be more like (socialist) Europe” in our economic policies.

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