Friday, April 7, 2017

It's Nothing New

Democrats want to push the idea that requiring only 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court Justice is something historically new. That it “throws away centuries of procedure and shreds the Constitution.” It does NOT. It is a Senate Rule only, and is subject to being changed at any time by a simple majority vote in the Senate. They call it “the nuclear option,” which tries to convince you it is more important than it is. The truth is, it was changed in 2003 by the DEMOCRATS to block Bush's lower court nominations, and can be changed back at any time. And that's what the Republicans did, to the howls of anguish of the Democrats. With their usual “crocodile tears.”

GRANDSTAND PLAY FAILS: A Kentucky politician, KY House Caucus Leader Mike Stewart (Dem, of course) set up a “lemonade/gun stand” to prove how easy it is to sell a gun privately without a background check. Only problem? Nobody bought it. So his “Ah ha! Moment” was more like “uh....” Add to that the fact that he bought the gun from a private seller and had to undergo a background check, himself, which, in itself', negates his premise. Nobody bought any lemonade or cookies, either, in the 48 minutes he waited for a buyer.

LIBERAL NEWS WRONG AGAIN: They routinely call Ann Coulter racist. How then, do they account for the long friendship she has enjoyed with “Good Times” star, Jimmy Walker, who is black. What kind of racist dates a black man? This points up a fact that is rife in the liberal media. That they commonly say people are racist, who are NOT. And every once in a while, they get proven wrong, as they have in this case. It proves, once again, that what they say cannot be depended upon. Following the actions of Barack Obama, they label ANYBODY who has a different opinion than theirs, a racist.

GORSUCH CONFIRMED: Democrats “did their best” or “worst,” according to your viewpoint, to get Judge Gorsuch's appointment to the Supreme court rejected, to no avail. But they knew that, going in. They, themselves, gave the Republicans the tool to “shut them down” when THEY changed the rules so they could overcome Republican opposition to their own appointment of lower level judges to the bench, so they could “pack the court” with liberals to get done what they could not get done in Congress.

TRUMP MEANS IT”: Trump's missile attack on a Syrian airfield sends a message to all who oppose him that “there's a new sheriff in town,” who will NOT allow them to do what they wish, against international law, with impunity. Obama “drew a red line” for Syria in the past, and when it came to actually DOING something instead of “sending hard words” NOT backed up by action. Trump is telling all of them—Syria, Iran, Russia, N. Korea, and the Islamic terrorists worldwide, that we are no longer the “paper tiger” we were under that wimp, Obama.

NOW THAT'S REAL NEWS! And welcome. It's the first time I've heard of Schumer or Peelosi praising ANYTHING Trump has done. But they fully approve of his action in Syria to tell Assad he no longer will get away with murdering civilians with chemical weapons—weapons he assured everybody falsely that he no longer had. He must now realize that the world is watching, and he will no longer NOT be “called to account” when he commits war crimes and works AGAINST international law and the treaties he has signed. Trump's action has also sent a signal to other countries that Obama's “paper tiger” government is OVER.

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