Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sinking the Armada

Kim Jong Un has really gone bananas. He is now threatening to SINK the American naval ships that are steaming into Korean waters, hopefully to make Trump think twice before making a threatening move. Doesn't he know that just ONE move to attack a single American ship will result in his complete destruction? We have the ability to blow his missiles out of the air before they can even reach their target, then take out the base from which it was fired. Then take out his entire government establishment, including him. Like swatting a fly. Watching him with his cartoon generals with medals down to their knees is hilarious.

VIOLENCE AGAINST THE MAJORITY: That's what we're seeing (again) in France. The losers (the MINORITY) are rioting and destroying property because Le Pen wasn't eliminated in the most recent election. That's the same thing we saw (and are still seeing) in America after Trump's LEGAL election. The wusses are having a tantrum because they didn't win. That's what they usually do, but usually not with this amount of violence. Maybe if they figured out why America rejected them and “cleaned up their act,” they'd be winners. But they aren't that smart.

RACHEL MADDOW WRONG: As usual. She told a child that Trump was responsible for the riots in Venezuela. In the most stretchy way possible, she might be right when you consider Trump is all about the free market, and Venezuela's problems are all about SOCIALISM and it's failure there. People are rioting because they are losing most of their possessions as socialism goes “belly up,” as it always will, eventually, everywhere it is tried.

IF HE SURRENDERS: Democrats are saying Trump can avoid a “government shutdown” if he “caves” on his wall. In other words, if he SURRENDERS. That's not likely with Trump. If they shut down the government, he will go directly to the people and let them know who REALLY is responsible, and the blame will go directly to the Democrats. Their favorite scam will not work this time. Update: It DID work. Trump did 'cave" and took funding for the wall out of his budget request--for now.

JUST LIKE I PREDICTED”: A woman has accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment—without anything like proof to back it up, of course, but her unsupported word). Even if it were true, it sounds like just a guy trying to make a date. It's way too easy for a woman to DEFINE such as sexual harassment these days. Hannity immediately branded it as false, calling her a “serial harasser” who would do anything to get noticed. She HAS filed many such accusations. She recanted within two hours. I expect this to be only the first of many false reports on Hannity.

EVIL PEOPLE DENY HOLOCAUST: During the Second World War the Nazis MURDERED six million Jews. That is undeniable. There would be six million eye witnesses If they hadn't murdered them. But somehow some escaped, and they tell the tale. Some people deny that this scourge ever happened, and they're evil. Not necessarily those who BELIEVE it and repeat the lies they're told, but those who tell the lies for their own purposes are the ones who are evil.

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