Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Gonna Get Worse

Anti-gun fools think “gun violence” is terrible. Out of control. And that they have to get rid of the guns for law-abiding people to solve that “problem." They're wrong, of course. They've always been wrong. Targeting the gun when they should be targeting the PEOPLE who misuse their guns is short-sighted and stupid. But don't try and tell them that. They think they're “all-knowing” and that they're right, on all things. But they're not. And there is evidence all over the place to prove it. It's only going to get worse, folks, with the entrance of millions of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees,” you can count on gun violence to skyrocket in the next few years, right along with the rape figures, since theirs is a “rape culture.”

WHY ONLY THE RIGHT?” That's a question asked by Rush Limbaugh after the firing of top Fox host Bill O'Reilly. Seems like NO left-wing host has such things happen to him'/her. Or if it does, the liberal media sees to it we never hear about it. I believe the reason for that is simple: it's left-wingers who are behind those “scandals.” It's their favorite (and most successful) scam to get rid of people whose ideas and opinions they don't like. Now they've gotten rid of Ailes and O'Reilly at Fox, I figure Hannity is next. You can bet some broad is going to claim HE is guilty of sexual misconduct, as usual, with no proof, only her unsupported word. Then other women will follow suit, hoping for a payday. (Update: A woman has comew out and accuased Hannity of sexual misconduct, then recanted withoin two hours.

CHELSEA'S PUBLICITY TOUR: Chelsea Clinton is on a “publicity tour.” For what? Who the hell cares about Chelsea? Besides Democrat dupes, of course. She says the majority in the country doesn't support what's going on in Washington, DC. And how would she know such a thing? Probably because her dad or mom told her so. They'd certainly like us to believe that. It sounds to me as if she wants to be the next Clinton to run for president. She's equally unqualified as is her mom, so the Democrats will probably go right along with it. Has she ever done anything REAL in her life?

ALL OVER FOR FOX: The firing of Roger Ailes, followed by the firing of Bill O'Reilly signals the end for Fox News. Especially since Murdock's son, James, is becoming more and more powerful there. James is a liberal, and he plans on changing Fox into just another liberal media outlet—which will predictably cause their ratings to go into the toilet, as have the ratings at CNN and other liberal outlets. That will no doubt be followed by its closing.

NUCLEAR WAR COMING? We thought the possibility of nuclear war was over for us with the fall of the Soviet Union. Because most of the nuclear powers didn't have the capability to get a nuke to our shores. Now we have TWO belligerents who have nukes, nearing gaining that ability. And if a nuclear war breaks out, liberals will blame Trump (those still alive, anyway), because he wants to ENFORCE the agreements these crazy dictators made, and have violated regularly. Never mind N. Korea and Iran have threatened us every day. Should we ignore that, as wimpy Obama did?

ALL ABOUT MONEY: Liberal students are whining again (still). They want free tuition as “reparation” for slavery. Of course, their wishes eliminate white students from their whining. Never mind it was the DEMOCRATS who did, and promoted ALL the racism in recent years. Jim Crowe was a Democrat. The politicians blacks demonstrated against were Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was an arm of the Democrat Party. So why aren't DEMOCRATS being asked to pay the reparations? Besides: why should people living now be blamed for the racism of their ancestors? Seems kinda unfair, to me.

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