Monday, April 10, 2017

Four Million Dead People

According to Fox News' elections expert, J. Christian Adams, there are FOUR MILLION dead people registered to vote. Enough to change the possible results of any election. One person whose name is still on voter rolls died in 1944! Meanwhile, Democrats fight, “tooth and nail” to keep things just as they are. They don't want ANY impediment to their own voter fraud. Voter ID would make it more difficult for them to steal elections. Especially PHOTO ID. The article doesn't say, but I wouldn't be afraid to “bet the farm” that most of those dead voters voted Democrat.

TYPICAL ISLAMIC SPECIAL TREATMENT: In San Diego, non-Muslim students are forced to learn about Islam while they create “safe spaces” for Muslims. It's ILLEGAL for Christianity to be taught in ANY schools. Why is it not only legal, but REQUIRED to teach students about Islam? I have nothing against Muslims, per se, but I DO have something against giving them, or ANY group special treatment, in anything. And I'm seeing Muslims given special treatment all over America, which is a BIG MISTAKE. They'll take it, and demand more.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Iran, Syria, Russia, and maybe a few other “usual suspects” have condemned Trump's attack on a Syrian airfield, from which deadly to CHILDREN chemical weapons war crimes attacks that killed 30 CHILDREN were launched. These people are EXPECTED to condemn Trump's attack, which sent a message to the world: “You can no longer mess with us!” We're no longer the WIMPS the Obama administration was. If not for Obama's wimpiness, maybe this attack would not have been necessary.

TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT: The bimbo running Mother Jones” magazine has decided that Indians are getting pissed off at the government's use of the word, “Tomahawk” as a name for some of their missiles. It's a typical liberal whine over NOTHING, while the world is on the brink of a nuclear war with a country run by an insane tyrant. If there were ANYTHING less important than the name of a missile type, I don't know what is, but some liberal dumb-butt will find it, and make an issue of it.

ONLY AN IDIOT”: Would still think Trump and, Putin are friends. But Democrats do, which tells me a lot about their intelligence....and it should tell you something, too. When Democrats get something in their heads, no amount of logic, common sense, or FACTS will dissuade them from it. They go right on pushing it, no matter how many times it has been convincingly debunked, and insult people who try to set them straight.

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