Thursday, April 13, 2017

They Were SO Sure

Democrats predicted a landslide victory for a Democrat candidate in Kansas special election, saying it would be a repudiation of Trump. But the Republican won by 6 percentage points. So what is the big story in the liberal media today? Sean Spicer's “Hitler” faux pas. The contretemps on a United Airlines flight where a passenger was “roughed up” and dragged off an airplane so some employee could take his seat. Anything BUT the results in Kansas.

TRUMP'S SECRET SUCCESSES: They're not secret because he wants it that way. They're secret because the liberal MEDIA wants it that way. Trump has done more things in his first MONTH than Obama did in his entire 8 year tenure. But the liberal media refuses to report it, preferring to concentrate on things like his press secretary's misstatement about Hitler—or anything else they can use to fill up the news day without mentioning Trump's successes, like the field day they're having about that doctor who was DRAGGED off a United Airlines plane because he refused to leave on his own when they “bumped” him in favor of some United employees.

WW III IS ALREADY HERE! People are talking obsessively about World War III, and is Trump creating a situation that will lead to it. But the truth is, if there IS a “situation leading to it,” it's OBAMA'S fault. He was so wimpy, people have come to EXPECT it of an American president, and with Trump, they're not gonna get it! Couple that with the Islamic terrorists murdering innocent people all over the world, and World War III is already HERE! Even if people don't realize it, or just won't ADMIT it.

LETTING TERRORISTS KNOW: Trump just finished letting the Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan know what we could really do by dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal, creating horrendous damage to the terrorists. No more are we going to be using the “measured response” Obama favored in dealing with the terrorists, that accomplished nothing. Our response to their atrocities in the future will be MASSIVE, and will kill many of their soldiers AND their leaders. They'd better learn that, and quit “biting at our ankles.”

LINING UP AGAINST KIM” Now he's done it. He has “stepped over the line” and he'd better be very careful in what he does next, because there are 17,000 American troops, including Seal Team 6 (of killing Osama fame) going through practice drills in S. Korea, to be nearby if needed to “take out” Kim Jong Un. He has also deployed an enhanced missile defense system designed to stop any missiles Kim might send into S. Korea. That's not to even mention the fleet he has sent into close waters to N. Korea while securing assurances from China not to interfere in any action he might take. Kim's time is coming.

ASSAD: “AH WUZ FRAMED!” He says the stories about him using chemical weapons against civilians are complete bunk. Now he's saying it is the REBELS who used chemical weapons. I don't know how true or not true that is, but he is well known to be the “mass murderer” of his own citizens, so the question is moot. There is a mass murderer running the government in Syria. So no matter what weapons he used to kill his people, he has to answer for it. He deserves no less than Saddam got, in the same way, and for the same reasons. Whether or not he used chemical weapons to kill his citizens a distinction without a difference. He is a war criminal, either way.

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