Wednesday, April 12, 2017

David and Goliath

N. Korea's fat little dictator “warning” Trump not to try anything” or he'll “strike back horribly” reminds me of the old “David and Goliath” story, but with a little different ending. This time it will be DAVID that goes down. If Kim thinks he can significantly damage the United States with the THREE nukes in his arsenal against our HUNDREDS, He's CERTIFIABLE. But then, we already knew that about him. He's like a school bully, trying to pick a fight. But he's trying to pick a fight with somebody who can "mop the floor with him" this time.

KEEPINGT IT DEMOCRAT: Democrat Congressman Ed Pearlmutter wants to keep the Colorado Legislature in Democrat hands, so Democrats can continue to screw things up as they have been doing a lot recently, so he's one of 19 politicians with similar ideas. Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg thinks Colorado is “fertile ground” for his attempts to subvert the Constitution and disarm the honest, law-abiding populace, while criminals still have no trouble getting their guns. So he will be throwing a lot of money at Democrats, in this election.

DEMOCRATS ARE MAD! Because they got their own tactics used on them. Back when George Bush (the younger) was president, they “changed the rules” to make it impossible for Republicans to filibuster THEIR appointments to the courts, when THEY were in the majority. So now that this tactic has been used against THEM to get Gorsuch confirmed, they're wetting their panties and crying “crocodile tears,” throwing tantrums. That seems to happen to them often, because when they pull their tricks, they never think about what would happen when the GOP becomes the majority. They always think that's not possible—until it IS.

MUSLIM CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION: There is no doubt that there is a massive persecution of Christians by Muslims, worldwide. It is said that the Muslim “religion” is the fastest growing in the world. But that is mostly because they threaten people with DEATH for not “converting” to Islam, and they regularly murder Christians, everywhere. Proof? How about suicide bombers blowing up TWO Christian churches in Egypt during Palm Sunday services? Or shooting a small boy and his mom in Somalia for converting to Christianity? And those are only a few of the many examples, while Muslims regularly complain of “religious persecution” OF Muslims, which is an IMAGINARY thing with them,. Since there is good reason to dislike many Muslims, because of their many ugly practices..

NANCY'S A FOOL: Nancy Peelosi, current minority leader in the House, is now saying, “Where are the jobs?” In the first MONTH of Trump's administration! Yet new job creation is at record levels, according to Gallup. Trump has done more to increase job creation in ONE MONTH than Obama did in EIGHT YEARS in office. Actually, if he increased it by ONE JOB, he'd do better than Obama did, considering the number of new jobs we NEED, just to stay even.

TOUGH TALK, NO WALL”: More ignorant expectations. Bob Beckel, who was fired from Fox's “The Five,” and recently talked his way back on a part-time basis, made that comment just now (as this is written). Seems like liberals, all over, think Trump should be able to keep ALL his promises in the FIRST MONTH of his administration. Building a wall as long as the one he promised takes a while. Even figuring how to pay for it until the money can be gouged out of Mexico takes some time. Then there's actually BUILDING the wall, which should take years. And Beckel expects it to be built in the FIRST MONTH? Gimme a BREAK! I think firing him was a good thing for them to do. Not because he's a liberal, but because he's a FOOL.

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