Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Underestimating Trump

They underestimated Reagan, and he created the biggest, longest lasting economic BOOM in history by what?--LOWERING the tax base. Then he went on to cause the Soviet Union to fall, and the “Berlin Wall” to be torn down. Now they're underestimating Donald Trump, and have been, all along. They laughed when he “threw his hat in the ring” for president, and he “steamrollered” them. They STILL underestimate him, and it's going to cause their downfall.

CHELSEA'S BIG BRITCHES: Why do people keep interviewing this bimbo? She has never done ANYTHING real that would cause ANYBODY to be interested in what she plans to do in the future. So now she's talking about challenging Trump in the next presidential election, as if that were the most important thing in the world to us. I should remind her about 17 Republicans and 3 Democrats who tried it in the last election. Where are most of them, now? Either disappeared into the mists of history, or WORKING for Trump. She sent up a flag about running for the Senate, but that fizzled before most of America even heard about it.

WHAT ABOUT THE “RUSSIAN CONNECTION?” The Democrats are still whipping that dead horse about the “Russian Connection” and Trump's “collaboration” with them, in spite of the fact that the Russians are very angry at him for his missile attack in Syria. This is why nobody with any INTELLIGENCE would believe they would EVER try to help him become president. The IDIOCY of that whole idea is mind blowing!

WHERE ARE THE JOBS?” That's what dippy Nancy is asking. She's taking the Trump administration to task for not correcting in a month what it took the Obama administration 8 years to screw up. This bimbo continues to demonstrate her abysmal IGNORANCE in so many ways, I can't even count them, any more. Nancy Peelosi is the one, remember, who told us, “”We have to PASS the bill to find out what's IN it,” about Obamacare. As if that's how this government works. Make it into law, THEN find out what's in it.

LIBERAL HORSE MANURE: They're now saying that the only reason Susan Rice is being “targeted” is because “Trump hates black women.” What a LOAD of horse manure THAT is! They use any excuse to try and diffuse any criticism of serial liars like Rice. As to “hating black women,” where is their EVIDENCE he hates black women? If he did, it would be evident elsewhere. They also say he hates women, period. How then, do they explain Kellyanne Conway? What a bunch of LOONS the Democrats are!

TOO DUMB, I GUESS: That's what a Wisconsin undergraduate researcher thinks about black people. Her “research” has shown that black people just can't handle the intricacies of “proper English” and thus we should “embrace” Ebonics to accommodate them. In a real world, this researcher, one Erica Gallagher, would be condemned, and be called a racist. But in a world run by liberals, this “legitimizes” their “victim status,” and allows them to be “lorded over” by liberals. This is understandable, for she lives in a purely liberal world on her campus, where “looking down” on black people is common, if not advertised.

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