Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Trump's Whiplash"

Liberal media is saying Trump is causing a massive broken neck as he “does a 180” on several issues. Which is typical of the liberal media, with whom Trump can “do no right.” Everything he does is to be criticized. The truth of the matter is, Trump, unlike most politicians, is capable of LEARNING—and when he learns (gets new information), he, also unlike most politicians, isn't afraid to change his position, based on that new information, as in his new acceptance of NATO after they made some significant changes.

MAKING IT SYSTEMIC: “Talking Heads,” (even at Fox, fergawdsakes!) are trying to make Sean Spicer's MISTAKE about Hitler and the holocaust into a SYSTEMIC problem in the Trump White House. They seem to forget that they, themselves OFTEN make mistakes, for which they have to apologize. Spicer was NOT lying, he just made a mistake in his words. He MEANT that Hitler never used poison gas IN A BATTLE. He did NOT. He used it in his OVENS. That's a significant difference.

MEDIA WRONG AGAIN! And again! They keep telling us Reince Priebus, and several others, “are on the way out,” in Trump's White House. The truth is, they'd LIKE for those people to “be on the way out,” and that's part of their campaign to ruin those people. But, as with most scams normally used successfully on politicians, this one won't work on Trump. He is NOT going to “cave” to media pressure and get rid of some of his best people He did fire one man, but it was HIS decision, not that of the liberal media.

TRUMP SPENT MORE: The liberal media is all abuzz about Trump spending more on travel in his first 100 days than Obama did. What they don't mention, of course, is that Trump;s travel has paid big dividends for the government, not for his golf score, as it did for Obama. Yes, Trump occasionally plays golf. But not nearly as much as Obama does, most of the travel during his tenure at our expense. Maybe not the jet fuel, but for all the manpower that was devoted to travel for the people charged with keeping him alive, not to play golf.

MAXINE WATERS AND CORRUPTION: Maxine Waters likes to rail against Trump, accusing him of all kinds of corruption (with no proof offered), and threatening him with impeachment. Of course, she ignores the fact that she, herself, has been labeled by her own colleagues as “the most corrupt politician in DC.” She has a lot of GALL to accuse Trump of corruption. Maybe she better clean up her own act before she accuses others.

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