Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Surrounded By Wealthy People"

Democrats make a big thing about Trump being “surrounded by millionaires and billionaires,” completely ignoring the fact that ALL presidential administrations are similarly “surrounded by the rich.” They just want us to forget that. Look back at the most recent Democrat administrations, in which the president appointed many very RICH people to important offices. They just didn't tell you how much they were worth, and the Republicans didn't make an issue out of it, as they are doing.

ALL GUN LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Every one of them. The Constitution says categorically, that, “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” That's simple and easy to understand language, unlike that used to make many laws. It means our right to own and use a gun “shall NOT be infringed.” Yet every law the anti-gun fools make, so far, INFRINGES on that right. They say that adding requirements to be “”allowed” to have or carry a gun is a “common sense requirement,” but in reality, it is an INFRINGEMENT. It presupposes that they have a right to limit that right. They do NOT.

MUSLIM SUPREMACY: There's a lot of talk about “white supremacy,” but it's all a fantasy. There is no su\ch thing as white supremacy. But there seems to be MUSLIM supremacy. At least to United Airlines, who recently made a woman change seats because a Muslim man refused to sit beside her. What the hell's WRONG with Muslims that they're AFRAID to even sit beside a woman without wanting to rape her? The reason many companies bend over backward for Muslims is they “work the system” by suing over the slightest "insult," real or imagined, claiming religious discrimination where none exists.

TRUMP DIDN'T WIN”: New DNC Chair Perez says “Trump Didn't win the election.” Really? Then why is he sitting in the Oval Office shredding as many things done by Obama and the rest of the Democrats as he can? Looks like Perez is just as stupid as “Wild-Haired Debbie” or “Donna the ignorant.” He just doesn't credit reality. He'd better learn, Trump DID win the election and Perez has at least four years to stay stupid. Somebody better slap him down and wake him up.

DISCOUNT THE DNC CHAIR: You can discount everything the Democrat Party Chair Perez says. He has proven himself to be a boob by his own words. Nobody, least of all him, believes the crap he's saying, today. Okay,. Maybe some Democrats do, but the ones who do are boobs, too. He said, “Trump didn't win the election,” when it's obvious that he DID. He says the Republicans “don't give a sh-t about people,” which is demonstrably false, too. If he BELIEVES those things, he's ignorant, even stupid. And he won his position against a dedicated Muslim who is an “enemy of the people.” Because he will be better at it than the Muslim. His very method of speaking shows he is a “crazy man.”

LIBERAL FREE SPEECH: Liberals always talk about freedom of speech, but that only applies to THEIR freedom of speech. If you disagree with them you can count on being called names and having them turn their backs on you at the very least. Otherwise, they're liable to assault you. If you're a conservative speaker there to make a speech, they'll RIOT to keep you from saying a word. They'll say they are only PRACTICING freedom of speech when they riot to shut conservatives up.

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