Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Just Can't Win

As political cartoonist Gary varvel of the Indianapolis Star-News points out in a recent cartoon, Democrats were :concerned” about Trump expressing a wish to be friendly with Putrid....er, uh, Putin was thought to be to be dangerous. They said her was “Putin's tool.” Now he's bombing Syrian targets against Putin's wishes, and relations with Russia are “at the lowest level in years,” and they're now talking about Trump “starting WWIII.” You can't have it both ways, but apparently the Democrats think they can. This is just more proof that ANYTHING Trump does, they're gonna hate it.

RILING UP TERRORISTS”: Liberals are worried. They think what Trump is doing will “rile up” the Islamic terrorists and they will kill more people. Really—how do you “rile up” people who are determined to kill as many people who don't believe in their phony “religion” as they can? They're already “riled up,” and “wimping out” on our response isn't going to make them any less “riled.” These are the kind of people we called “Tories” during the Revolutionary War that freed us. from England. They wanted to stay under the thumb of King George and didn't want to “rile him,”

TRUMP'S “STINGING REBUKE”: They're soon to have a special election to replace Tom Price in the Senate after he was appointed to Trump's Cabinet. The Democrat main opponent (out of 18 running) says, if he gets elected it will be a “stinging rebuke” to Trump. Hey—isn't that what it was supposed to be last week in Kansas? But it didn't happen, did it? And Democrats are “crying in their beer” there—as they will soon be in Georgia. If Democrats win inb Georgia it won't be because they hate Trump, as Democrats want us to thinik, it will be because the Republicabns are so divided they fielded 17 GOP candidates.

APPROVALS VS. FUND RAISING: Democrats like to emphasize Trump's “low ratings,” but his fund raising tells a clearly different tale. Her has raised significantly more in the same time period of his presidency than Obama did—and Obama is supposed to be such a great fund raiser. Personally, I think those “approval numbers” are purposely kept low by Democrat operatives among those contemplating the numbers. But fund raising amounts cannot be so falsified. And they tell the REAL tale.

RACIST STUPIDITY: Every day liberals declare something else racist. Now they think wishing for people to arrive on time is racist. I have no idea of their logic in that, but all I do know is they HAVE no logic. The fact is, liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense. Today, they announced that BASEBALL was racist. Next they'll decide that RACISM itself is racist. That makes it easier for them to label everything racist. Racism is the newest scam they use.

8 IS TOO MANY: An Arkansas court has issued a restraining order to prevent the execution of 8 convicted killers in one month because it would be “cruel and unusual punishment.” How they figure that is beyond me. They brutally murdered human beings, and anything less than brutal murder is NOT “cruel or unusual." For my part, I think they should just line them up in front of a wall and shoot them. They deserve nothing more. Only wimps think bloody murderers should be put to death while asleep. I think they should FEEL the pain of death while being killed.

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