Thursday, April 27, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I said this scam wouldn't work on Trump, but it looks like it has. He appears to have “caved” on his wish for a billion dollars for his “wall” to keep a “government shutdown” from happening. That's too bad. They finally found something that seems to be working against Trump in this scam, so you can bet it will happen again and again. It's hard to say how they always manage to blame the Republicans when this happens, but they do, even though it's the Democrats refusing to cooperate on ANYTHING Trump wants that is the cause if the government ever does “shut down.”

MORE STUPID GUN LAWS: I can't believe such STUPID politicians have been instrumental in running our country. But current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel used to be very powerful in the federal government, until he decided he wanted to be the top man in SOME governmental organization. He chose Chicago, a corrupt city that spawned Barack Hussein Obama, the scourge of the American government. In Chicago, where they have some of the tightest of stupid gun laws, the “streets run red” with the blood of the victims of ILLEGAL guns.

NO AMBIGUITY THERE: The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says one thing and it says it well. That Americans have the inalienable right to be armed in self defense. What part of “shall not be infringed” do the anti-gun fools not understand? Their every law; every regulation and rule so far, INFRINGES on that right. They have seized upon the “militia” thing to try and fool us. But at the time the Constitution was written, there WERE no “organized militias,” and they meant ALL the people were “part of a militia” that could be called up in time of danger, bringing their own guns.

GIVE 'EM THE FINGER: Liberals and other anti-gun fools are outraged, and they should be. President Trump (Damn, I love saying that!) has just “given them the finger” by his commitment to speak at the NRA Convention. No other politician has ever been so brazen as to openly speak before the NRA people, but Trump's gonna do it. He doesn't give a tinker's damn what they think. He agrees with the Second Amendment, and he doesn't care if people know it. And that scares the diddly out of them.

OBAMA'S $400,000 BRIBE: The Clintons have made a career out of giving speeches at a ridiculous rate of $250,000.00 a pop. They call it “payment for speeches,” but actually, it is a BRIBE. They use their “speeches” as cover for their bribe-taking. Now Obama's joining the crowd, but for even bigger bribes. They know he can still affect what happens, so his “speeches” bring a $400,000.00 “bribe.” And I'm sure Congresspeople are watching, and setting up their own bribe-fests.

IT'S NOT TWO THINGS: Actor William Devane does commercials for a gold purveyor. In one he talks about “two things.” Inflation and “unstable governments printing money.” Yes, they are a problem, but they are NOT “two problems.” Inflation is CAUSED by “unstable governments printing money.” That's one thing most people don't realize. It's a way for governments to take more money from us without raising taxes. They just DILUTE the value of the money we have by printing money with nothing behind it, and spending it like it was real. That makes the money worth less, and people have to charge more for the same things.

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