Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What Is WITH Them?

Liberals go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. When President Trump was told about the most recent terrorist attack in France, he immediately called it a terrorist attack, in complete opposition to how the previous president handled similar attacks. MSNBC went so far as to criticize Trump for that. They always go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. What's with that? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to come out on top?

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: So they make things up. Now they're claiming Trump is “dangerously mentally ill” and should be removed before he gets us all in trouble.” All without bothering to see him, personally. That sounds more like Kim Jong Un, who IS mentally ill and is trying HARD to start a war he cannot win with the United States. It's a damned shame such a fool can be in charge of nuclear arms, and the only thing that has prevented him from using them is a lack of a delivery ability. But he is rapidly gaining that ability, and when he gets his war started, liberals will predictably blame Trump IF they're still alive, that is..

SAVE FRANCE - VOTE LE PEN: Then, End Islamic Immigration; Deport Muslim Non-Citizens; Break-Up-Enclaves; Surveil Mosques; No Sharia Law.” This was Tweeted by an unnamed Tweeter. I will not name him because I don't have permission. But it's good advice. I'm not sure about Le Pen because I don't know her, but I am sure about the rest of it, because Muslim terrorists are a MAJOR threat, even if our politicians will not admit it. Muslim terrorists should be scraped off the Earth. Killed, to a man. And woman if she is a dedicated Muslim terrorist. Liberals want to coddle them, but that's a loser.

JUST CALL IT RACISM: Don't like the government enforcing the law? Just call it racism. That's what California is doing when Trump's people announced they were enforcing federal immigration laws in spite of their announcement that they were a “sanctuary state,” in VIOLATION of federal law. They have nothing else, so they call it racism to enforce federal law against their determination to DISOBEY it. What's racist about insisting you obey the law? And punishing you if you don't?

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Democrats are fond of causing a “government shutdown” that isn't really a government shutdown, then blaming the Republicans for it. That's one of their favorite scams, and it's usually successful. Republicans are deathly afraid of being blamed, so they cave. But that won't work with Trump. If one of their phony “government shutdowns” happens during his administration, the blame will go right where it belongs—on the Democrats. He has an ability to connect directly with Americans that other Republicans never had. Update: apparently the scam worked again because Trump "caved" on insisting on the money for the wall--at least for now.

NY “BAIT AND SWITCH”: Every so often I see ads placed by the State of New York telling people all about how great it is to be in business in New York, then offering a ten year moratorium on taxes if they'd just move their business there. That's great, for ten years, while they get there and “put down roots” that will be difficult to remove. Then they will be slammed with taxes higher than they've ever experienced. Which is routine in New York. I get a good laugh whenever I see those ads.

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