Friday, April 14, 2017

"MOMS" 7-Person Turnout

MOMS against guns (or something like that) had a “massive turnout” in Iowa, hoping to defeat the measure that was moving through the legislature to be called the “stand your ground” law to replace the “responsibility to run” thing. That is, if you can outrun bullets fired by criminals from their ILLEGAL guns. Their “massive turnout” included SEVEN well-paid members of “MOMS.” And it was a massive failure, as the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor the other day, making Iowa the latest of the 35 “stand your ground” states—a majority.

WHAT'S BLOOMBERG'S PROBLEM? It seems like former (illegal) three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is determined to violate our constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. Apparently he believes that anti-gun fool crap that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself and “run away” while waiting the eternal (seems like) time it takes for a cop (with his gun) to get there. He has pledged to spend another $25 million this year to take away our right to self defense and the tools to make it possible, Many politicians are right with him, criminalizing everything that possibly can become a self defense weapon, everywhere, as soon as it is discovered.

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED! They're always outraged when we actually DO something concrete. After 8 years of :”playing at” being at war in Afghanistan, Trump is REALLY fighting it, using the MAXIMUM of what we have, outside of nuclear arms. Obama imposed some of the most ABSURD “rules of warfare” possible so he could tell the world he was fighting the Islamic terrorists, while not really doing so. Trump means business. He means business in everything he does, and that includes whatever wars we are in, and the ones we BECOME entangled in because of the LACK of a coherent foreign policy on the part of Barack Obama.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: He told us Obama was listening in on him during the election that elected him president. Bill Binney, a former NSA executive, says the NSA was listening in on ALL phone calls, made by ANYBODY, as well as all other electronic communications—and Trump's communications were not excluded. In fact, they were “flagged" for special notice. Maybe it's not our job to be the “world's policeman,” but SOMEBODY needs to do something about  Other former NSA people have also revealed the extent of the surveillance on ALL of us. One on national television.

50,000 TROOPS TO SYRIA? Word is, Trump is ready to send up to 50,000 troops to Syria, which is a far cry from Obama's “no boots on the ground” policy. I don't know how true that is, and I'm not criticizing him for it. I think it's high time something was done about that insane, mass murderer running the government, there, as well as the other one in N. Korea. As long as either of them still command massive armies, especially with nuclear weapons, we're all in danger. And “not escalating” and “fearing WW III” will not do it. Yes, people will die. But hopefully fewer than if those fools are left alone to grow stronger.

HILLARY ON INCOME INEQUALITY: She wore a $12,500.00 Armani jacket to a meeting to discuss “income inequality” among Americans. Which shows her complete IGNORANCE on what she espouses. And the jacket was nothing special, either. I could find something like it at the local Goodwill Store. But the point here is she is so “:tone deaf” about things as to wear such a jacket to a meeting about “income inequality.” She is the “poster child” illustrating it. And she doesn't realize it. One e-mail congratulated Armani for selling a “flour sack with sleeves” for $12,500.00 to hold 200 pounds of fertilizer.” (Posted by Dr. Eowyn on “Fellowship of the Minds)

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