Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump "Escalating"

Liberals all over are outraged at Trump for actually FIGHTING the war Obama refused to fight. Obama only PRETENDED to fight the Islamic terrorists, so he could CLAIM to be doing it, while not doing it, at all. Trump is actually FIGHTING. He has given his generals complete permission to institute action WITHOUT his specific approval and micro-managing. And they have delivered. Their latest is dropping that MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) in Afghanistan and taking out that tunnel system that allowed terrorists to move around unobserved and kill people, while helping 36 terrorists to get their 74 virgins. I actually heard somebody say today, "Trump CAUSED the problem with N. Korea!" What a FOOL said that!

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED (AGAIN): Trump just signed a bill into law allowing the states to defund Planned Parenthood, and liberals are outraged. They LOVE murdering helpless infants for profit, and this new law will put a stop to that. I never thought I'd ever see AMERICANS murdering infants, and politicians APPROVING it! I guess certain people can approve of ANYTHING if they're sufficiently twisted. This is our holocaust, and we will rue the day the Supreme Court liberals let it happen. We condemn the Nazis for theirs, and WE will be condemned in the future for ours, after “wiser heads prevail.”

TITS ON A BOAR”: The United Nations has again proven that they are a USELESS organization that is only in business to deride the United States and Israel, and approve of the Islamic terrorists. Why the hell we keep sending them billions of dollars, so they can thwart every effort to do what they were created to do is beyond me. Their latest outrage is voting down a measure to condemn the use of Sarin Gas in Syria, because one of their MEMBERS disapproves. If they can't even do that, of what USE are they?

"MEDIA HARDER ON DEMOCRATS?" Jennifer Palmieri says the media is harder on Democrats than Republicans. What PLANET is this bimbo living on? The media works HARD to demonize everything Republicans do, while ignoring the bad things Democrats do. That's a KNOWN FACT, and not to be denied by INTELLIGENT people. There IS a liberal bias, and there has been for a very long time. Which is going to BREAK this country, if we don't break IT.

NOW 94 ISIS DEAD: The death toll in that missile attack on an Afghanistan tunnel system that allowed terrorists to “pop out” and kill people like a “Whack-A-Mole” game has now accounted for 94 Islamic terrorists getting their 74 virgins, and that includes four top echelon leaders. Good. The more terrorists we kill, the better. That bunch will kill no more. The death toll may rise even more—hopefully. They now know they're not safe, even in their “hidey-holes.” They must be shaking in their boots –if they have any.

OBAMA'S PLAN IS WORKING: The whole plan in imposing a health care plan that was unworkable on us was to manipulate us into demanding a single payer system—and it's working. People ARE now demanding a single payer system, and some politicians are actually listening. Even Republicans. Rep. Mike Caufman (R-CO) even SAID so on Meet the Press this morning He's fallen for it because many of his constituents have, before him (as this is written). Face it—we're going to get a single payer system, and YOU'RE going to pay for it.

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