Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Million New Voters

Obama’s people say there are 10 million new voters: the young and dumb, and that’s the ones he’s after now. People he can depend upon to know NOTHING about the “fool moves” he’s made. People who were primarily occupied with “growing up,” not what Washington is doing to them. They will learn, but way too late.

IF HE WERE WHITE” Many people say “If Obama was white, he never would have been elected.” Obama will call that racist, but the statement itself is racist. Frankly, I think the only reason he WAS elected with nobody knowing ANYTHING about him is because he’s (half) black. (I never could figure out why being HALF black made him special) People feel guilty NOT voting for a black man and THAT’S racist. Frankly, I don’t care if he’s PURPLE with green polka-dots. His POLICIES are what make me vote against him, if BUGS BUNNY was running against him. I didn’t vote for him the first time because I can spot a con man a mile away.

HURTING BILL’S FEELINGS: Poor baby! Does Romney’s true statements about Obama selling Chrysler to the Chinese “hurt your feelings” because you used to own one? Who cares? I couldn’t care less what cars you’ve owned, and less about hurting your feelings. Do you think it doesn’t hurt Romney’s feelings when you call him a murderer (when Obama actually IS after standing by WATCHING those people in Benghazi die while REFUSING to send them help)? Or when you call him a dunce? Your “feelings” mean NOTHING to me. Do you think you should be immune after the awful things you’ve called Romney? Sheesh! How STUPID are you?

OBAMA CALLED ROMNEY A MURDERER: Just because one of his decisions as governor MIGHT have caused a woman’s death of cancer? Obama’s decision NOT to send help to the embassy in Banghazi absolutely RESULTED in FOUR deaths. Should we call HIM a murderer? I think he’s WORSE than a murderer. He used the power of his office to IGNORE those deaths and then LIE about it for two weeks.

WHO DO YOU HELP, OBAMA? Obama is making a “big thing” of promising ANYTHING he can do to help the victims of “Sandy.” But what did he do to help the victims of the Banghazi terrorist raid? Nothing. He THREE TIMES refused to send help while WATCHING them die. This guy just doesn’t care about anybody but himself. After these people died, he flew off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. How callous is that?

OUR DAMFOOL PRESIDENT: He thinks he can get re-elected after standing by watching his people die in Benghazi while spending more of (our) money than there IS and making decisions (like that he made about the Canadian oil pipeline) that not only did NOT help the economy OR our dependence on foreign oil, but made it much WORSE? If he can get re-elected after that and other fool things he’s done, we’re (not me) bigger fools than he is.

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