Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calling Them Nazis

People who call others such things “NAZIS” because they disagree with them are FOOLS and are PROVING IT by doing so. They show that they have NO IDEA of what Nazis are, and discredit themselves. Such is the case with the FOOLS who call others “Nazis” for supporting the Arizona law demanding the feds enforce their own immigration laws. The worse part of it is, these people don’t even REALIZE they are making FOOLS of themselves.

OBAMA IS AN “ID THIEF”: It’s undeniable. He has used several Social Security numbers over the years, all owned by other people. This makes him a FELON, something his people called Romney. What infuriates me is that NOBODY is “calling him” on it. As with his citizenship, he is in a very weak position if ANYBODY “called him” on it, but nobody will. If they do, he'll just call them racist.

REMOVE YOUR OBAMA STICKERS: It amazes me how many cars I see on the road with 2008 Obama stickers. Now I’m seeing 2012 Obama stickers. People who still think it is a good thing to have voted for Obama will want to remove those stickers because their neighbor, when he/she loses his/her job because of Obama’s incompetence, they’ll want to attack you. So if you want to stay alive, keep your ignorance secret. And yes, it’s going to get that bad. It’s going to become OBVIOUS who is to blame for massive unemployment in this country and people who are losing their homes and cars because they can no longer make payments will be very angry—and if you have an Obama sticker on your car you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.

WE’VE REACHED A “TIPPING POINT”: Where more people wish to be KEPT by the government and will continue to vote people like Obama into office over and over, as long as hey “keep the goodies coming.” There are now more people “riding in the wagon” than there are pushing it, and it is only going to get worse as long as the moochers of society continue voting the looters into office so they can steal from the producers and give to the moochers..

Whenever ANY Obama politician says, “It’s simply a fact” before making a statement, you can count on the fact that he is about to tell a big “whopper.” One of the basic skills required to become an Obama spokesman/woman is the ability and WILLINGNESS to LIE with a straight face. Obama’s Press flack has a great innate ability to do that and as long as he demonstrates that ability every day, he will remain in that job—until he gets tired of lying for Obama.

That’s a LIE. In Oklahoma recently, non-Muslim women were told “Islamic Society of Tulsa tells NON-MUSLIM teen age girls who visit their center: “Cover your head, wear long skirts, enter mosque separately from boys.” So they’re like Obama: they’re telling a tissue of lies to fool Americans.

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