Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creating New Dictators

Obama wants to be a dictator, so he supports the ouster of other dictators all over the world (who are pro-American but anti-Obama) so those dictators will support him as he BECOMES one himself. It has become obvious that’s what he’s after. He got rid of Mubarak and what replaced him? An Islamic Brotherhood top man who has created his own dictatorship within DAYS of being “elected” and who was implicated in the assassination of
Anwar Sadat. I’m surprised Obama has waited as long as he has in declaring himself “president for life.”

SINK ‘EM: Iran now has a submarine and is planning maneuvers in the local waters, then in the Atlantic. My suggestion is to send in the US fleet into the Atlanticand SINK them before Iran can cause more bloodshed in the region, and maybe even in America. Ahmanidinijerk has PROMISED to attack America, so we have plenty of justification to “take Iran’s navy out so it can’t get any bigger.

RICE SHOULD BE SENT HOME: UN Ambassador should be “sent home” with her tail between her legs and not “rewarded” for lying for Obama by telling the world the Libyan embassy killings were the result of a stupid video nobody had ever seen at the time. If she is nominated that proves the stupidity of Obama. If confirmed, that of the Congress.

JAMIE FOXX IS A FOOL: He called Obama “our Lord and savior.” How STUPID is this? There is only ONE “Lord and Savior” and that is Jesus Christ, whether or not you’re a Christian. Obama is but a STUPID politician and is NOBODY’S SAVIOR. To think he is anything more than that is to show your own stupidity. Damn there are a BUNCH of stupid people in entertainment!

THEY’RE STILL PUSHING THAT STUPID VIDEO STORY: After WEEKS of even an AVERAGE American knowing that “video story” about the cause of the Benghazi killings, they’re STILL trying to convince us that Susan Rice’s comments on FIVE “Sunday shows” were just “the intelligence that was then known.” We know THAT’S a lie, but they’re still trying to sell it.

TAX HIKES ON THE RICH: That is one of the most FOOL suggestions (and a collectivist one) ever made by a liberal Democrat who stays in power by buying votes from the people for whom he STEALS the money from others to support. If you TOOK every dime over say, $1 million dollars, from anybody who EARNED that much, you could MAYBE run the government for a month. You could do that only ONCE before "the rich" got wise and hide their EARNINGS from them. Then who do you victimize?

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: I’m getting very tired of the political ads that insult our intelligence; like Obama’s latest, which wants us to think Romney made millions by CLOSING DOWN an already failing factory he INVESTED millions to save, but couldn’t (it’s not always possible). Then there are the ones that obviously LIE about what their opponent HAS done, and WILL do. Sheesh!

“STRONGER NOW”: Obama says “America is stronger now than when I came into office.” What a WHOPPER! A big LIE! The Islamic terrorists murdered our ambassador in Libya because they perceived us to be WEAK, and they’re RIGHT. Obama did nothing while they burnt down our embassy and murdered our people. He does nothing to go after those people responsible. He LIES to America about the CAUSE so as not to let us know the truth that Islamic terrorism is NOT dead. What a FOOL Obama is! He thinks we are fools and believe his lies!

WHY ALWAYS LIBERAL MODERATORS? Every time we have a presidential debate, we’re forced to listen to a LIBERAL moderator control the questions and make it harder for the Republican candidate to score on the liberal candidate. Why does the Republican Party ALLOW this in every debate? Sheesh! I’d like to see a debate with Sarah Palin as moderator.

DID OBAMA WIN IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN? He CLAIMS to have done so because he made a unilateral decision to RUN from both places AFTER Bush’s people WON as much as you can win against an enemy you CAN’T FIND half the time. He killed most of their leaders and Obama just continued what he started. They kill people and HIDE. All Obama did was make a decision to RUN. Running isn’t winning.

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