Saturday, November 10, 2012

Many Catholics Are Fools

Those who voted for Obama in spite of his efforts to “bully” them into violating their opposition to abortion, that is. And Obama got a significant number of Catholic votes in spite of it. What’s WRONG with people? Are a significant number of them STUPID? It’s either that, or he STOLE the election.

OBAMA HAS NO PROBLEM WITH MURDERING INFANTS: He actually voted for a law in Illinois that allowed doctors to KILL an infant who survived an abortion attempt. Abortion is MURDER, and EVERY politician who approves of it is a CRIMINAL, as are those who PRACTICE it. How did we come to the place where MURDER is LEGAL and people are MARGINALIZED for pointing that out?

“WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED”: That’s what House Leader Bohner says, but he’s wrong. We DON’T want Obama to succeed because for him to succeed, we must FAIL. If he succeeds, we will be a socialist country with the GOVERNMENT giving us ORDERS on how to live our lives. I will not stand for that, and will likely go to prison for it. If they’re going to give me orders, they might as well do it from behind bars.

TAXING THE RICH” WON’T WORK: Obama keeps pounding that “class warfare” crap where they tax the rich more and more and HOPE they can be taxed enough to carry the day. They can’t. They just won’t believe that if you just TOOK every dime they made over a million dollars they could run the country for about a month. Liberals are too stupid.

WHY ALWAYS CONSERVATIVES? Now the election’s over (for a few minutes) everybody’s talking about “cooperation” and “working together for the betterment of the country.” But why is is always the CONSERVATIVES who have to “cooperate” and accept the LIBERAL way? Why do the liberals (socialist Democrats) never seem to “cooperate” with any of OUR ideas?

Within HOURS of being re-elected, Obama signals his backing for the United Nations gun ban treaty, which will VIOLATE the Constitution of the United States. I guess he feels “more secure” since he doesn’t have to worry about re-election any more. He can “give away the store” without being hurt.

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