Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He Has "More Flexibility" Now

As he whispered to Putin (through the phony Russian president, Medevev) he now has “more flexibility” to do things all Americans know are bad for us without being “called down” in any meaningful way for it. He can screw us royally with no repercussions. We’re really STUPID for re-electing this fool (not me).

RAISE TAXES, LOWER INCOME: Almost without exception when the government raises taxes, it lowers income. Democrat Jack Kennedy, Republicans Ronald Reagan and George Bush LOWERED the base tax RATE and INCOME INCREASED. When Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” But today’s politicians (Republican and Democrat) can’t seem to grasp this. They think, against all evidence, that the way to increase government income is to raise taxes. They call LOWERING taxes, “tax breaks for the rich” when they’re usually “tax breaks for EVERYBODY.”

ARRESTED FOR FARTING IN CLASS: An Albuquerque child “burped” in class and the cops were called. He was ARRESTED. What kind of FOOLS are there in Albuquerque are they to ARREST a CHILD because he “burped in class?” This is evidence of what we’ve come to in this country with liberals in charge.

“IT WASN’T GAY ENOUGH”: A gay softball league DISQUALIFIED a championship quality team because it “wasn’t gay enough.” They seem to have a MINIMUM number of gay players on every team and they DISQUALIFIED this team because they didn’t have enough GAY players. Idiocy like this is increasing everywhere, people. If this sort of thing isn’t enough to DISQUALIFY liberals from politics and from ANY position of authority, I don’t know what is.

IT HAS TO BE RACISM: People wonder why Michelle Obama was BOOED at a NASCAR event when she was introduced to the crowd. Liberals will say it was RACISM. They don’t recognize any other reason. Maybe it was because her husband is STEALING from us and destroying our economy in his efforts to make this into a SOCIALIST country. NASCAR people aren’t “redneck idiots” as liberals maintain. They’re smarter than most and they can SEE what he is doing.

“DAMAGE TO BENEFIT RATIO”: Liberals have a “knee-jerk reaction” to ANY effort to drill for oil in this country to OPPOSE it. Even though in the absence of anything viable that doesn’t involve oil, it doesn’t make sense. They ought to do a “damage to benefit ratio” study to see if the damage to the environment is sufficient to WARRANT “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

LYING ABOUT TEA PARTIES: Remember back in the 2008 election campaign when McCain talked about the “awful things the Tea Parties have done” without going into detail (because there were no details to go into) While he ignored the “awful things” the OWS people did, like crapping on the curbside, peeing on a police car, raping women, even some stabbings, and the like. And they wonder why they lose elections and the liberal media loses readers/viewers!

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