Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Close GITMO?

There’s a lot of pressure to close GITMO, that famous prison for Islamic terrorist prisoners of war that we don’t seem to want to call that. My question is, WHY? Why the haste to move this prison, which has been very successful in containing these vicious murderers? Is it hurting anything? Why spend the money to build another prison to do the same thing, then have pressure grow to close it, too, later? The liberals just hate the whole idea, and the pressure to close GITMO is just a manifestation of that hatred.

TAXING THE RICH: It’s the “Holy grail” of liberalism. Punishing the producers in society, who, for some reason or other, sometimes become rich. For some reason, liberals hate the idea that ANYBODY (except them, of course) can get rich legitimately, and they want to stop it. In doing so, they’re slowly ruining the economy. But they don’t care because it won’t happen in their lifetimes. They think.

FLEXING HIS MUSCLES: Obama is showing the world he can do what he wants, in spite of ALL opposition by appointing Susan Rice to be Secretary of State against all opposition. He’s saying, “Ah wun; ah’ll do whut ah want.” What a damnFOOL this jerk is! We’ll be well RID of him if it ever happens.

OBAMA’S THIRD TERM”: They’re already talking about a “third term” for Obama. Are the American people THAT stupid? Damn! Maybe they are. They (not me) re-elected him even after he spent more money than there IS, and promised to spend even more. He says he will “finish what I started,” and that is to make this into a collectivist (socialist) nation whether or not we wish it.

EVERYTHING’S A “FOX ALERT!” If the president FARTS it’s a “Fox Alert!” Fox is the best source for TRUE news, but their propensity to make things bigger than they are irritates me. They need to learn that overuse of the “Alert” thing can make people ignore it when they DO use it. I never pay more than usual attention when I hear a “Fox Alert!” It’s like Obama crying “racist!” I’ve heard it too many times.

OBAMA’S PROUD OF RICE: That’s what he told a recent meeting he was in. Of COURSE he is proud of her! She LIES well in his service and is getting rewarded for her lies by being nominated for Secretary of State against a LOT of opposition. Even if she doesn’t make it, she can put it in her resume that she was NOMINATED  and benefit from it.

NO ONE KNOWS: No one knows who, in the Obama administration, refused to send help to the ambassador in Benghazi, which ended in the DEATH of that ambassador and three other members of his staff while the Libyan government (and our own) stood by and watched them die. And no one knows who “edited” the talking points to eliminate any reference to Islamic terrorism (The FBI now says THEY did it--which I seriously doubt). Is it because our president is SYMPATHETIC to Islamic terrorism?

IS CLINTON QUALIFIED? Why does Hillary Clinton think she’s qualified to be Secretary of State, just because she is the wife of a former president? She has shown her INCOMPETENCE in many ways, but Obama will not get rid of her (except to replace her with someone worse). Maybe it’s because she’s willing to LIE for him.

WHY DENY TERRORISM? The Obama administration “edited” the talking points it put out about the Benghazi murders to eliminate any reference to Islamic terrorism. Why? Because Obama is blind to the possibility? Just because Obama is a FOOL doesn’t mean the whole administration must be, too.

DEAD BOY WAS KILLED BY HAMAS: Mohammed Sadallah, four years old, was killed by Israeli rockets—at least that was the story told the world by the Palestinians. But it turns out the Palestinian boy was killed by PALESTINIAN rockets. But did the Muslim extremists tell you this? Not a chance. Like Obama, they never recant their lies.

DIGGING UP ARAFAT: They “dug up” Arafat’s body to find out if he was poisoned, and did not have a stroke. Who cares? Oh, yea; the Palestinian terrorists care. Maybe one of their own poisoned him so they could take power in his place. That’s the kind of people they are. Current terrorists think earlier terrorists “got rid of him.” Some people are only still alive because it’s illegal to kill them. I can think of at least one such. His name starts with “O.”

WARREN BUFFETT IS A FOOL: Knowing how to make money is a fine skill to have. But it doesn’t make you smart in other ways. Warren Buffett is upset because his “lowly” SECRETARY pays taxes at a higher rate than he does, and he’s rich. I got news fer ya, War: she doesn’t. If you earned WAGES, you’d pay the same, or higher. You make money from CAPITAL GAINS. If she sold her house, she’d pay the SAME RATE. You’ve shown your IGNORANCE by calling that to our attention.

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