Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Just don't Understand

Why otherwise intelligent people do such STUPID things as to endorse a stooge like Obama as General Colin Powell did recently. Powell is a competent general, but I think he has reached his “Peter Principle” plateau as a politician. The Peter Principle says, “Every individual in a hierarchy will rise until he/she reaches his/her “level of incompetence.” When he stupidly endorsed Obama, he reached his “level of incompetence.”

CALLING OBAMA A “RETARD”: Using the word “retard” to describe the president (who IS a “retard”) should not offend people with Down’s Syndrome because it does not affect them and is not used to do so. When Ann Coulter used it she meant SPECIFICALLY Obama, and she’s right. I saw a Down’s man on TV obviously reading from a script calling her down. This is obviously somebody (not a Down’s person) making that statement, USING that Down’s man’s face and words. That’s WORSE than using the word. Obama is the “poster boy” for ignorance.

OBAMA’S LOSING: He’s losing, BIG; mostly because of his miserable record. Because of that miserable record, all he has is two things: racism accusations and class warfare. It’s pathetic. He keeps coming up with new ways to “reinforce” these two things, hoping that will help him win. He’s too ignorant to know he’s “pissing off” the entire country by insulting their intelligence with these two themes. He thinks he’s winning, even though he has to falsify the polls to make it LOOK that way so we’ll get dispirited and not vote. It isn’t going to work.

People (even on our side) are calling what’s happening a “recovery, albeit a WEAK one. I don’t think it’s a “recovery” at all; not even a “weak one.” The unemployment numbers are still above anything we had before Obama, and he’s still talking about spending more money, after already spending more money than there IS in the world.

OBVIOUSLY LYING: Obama goes on TV and tells an OBVIOUS LIE and nobody in his “captive media” calls him on it. Like one of the most recent lies when he said he “Wasn’t cutting the military budget, he was MAINTAINING it.” Does he really think we will believe this BS? I certainly don’t, and neither does ANYBODY who is “paying attention.”

NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT I’VE DONE: Obama says he doesn’t want you to vote based on what he HAS done, but about what he’s GOING TO DO. Kinda like the Nobel Commission giving him an UNEARNED Nobel Prize, based on what he was GOING TO DO, but didn’t. He makes a lot of PROMISES, but the only ones he keeps are the ones we don’t want him to keep. Like “sharing (your) wealth with people who do not earn it.

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