Sunday, November 11, 2012

Progressivism IS Communism!

I know that most people’s “eyes glaze over” when they hear the word, “communism.” But make no mistake; communism IS “alive and well” all over the world. They just call it “progressivism” today to fool those who don’t know any better. The whole “communism collapsed” thing in Russia was a “set up.” “Two steps forward and one step back” is a well known scam the communists use to make us think we have “won a great battle” while they still make progress. The then communist boss in Russia, Gorbachev, once told his “ruling body,” not to worry about such things as “Peristroika.” They are merely something to “put the Americans to sleep.” And, for the most part, particularly among our “leaders,” it has been spectacularly successful. They equate communism in Russia as being the only communism that meant anything and when it “failed,” communism was dead the world over. It is NOT.

It has just taken a new name and continues on, unabated. They just don’t call it COMMUNISM any more. Notice that in Russia the SAME PEOPLE are still running things as under communism. Vladmir Putin (now president again) is the former head or the SECRET POLICE under communism and they're now a SOCIALIST country. Communism and socialism are merely two different kinds of COLLECTIVISM. There are only cosmetic differences between the two. (Naziism is another. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALIST.” The Soviet Union was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” It is a “thin disguise,” but our politicians and most of the “lesser people” in this country have “bought it. ” COLLECTIVISM is the enemy, and our own president is one of collectivism’s highest-ranking promoters. He is working day and night to impose it upon us. He has already succeeded in “taking over” 1/7th of our economy, the medical profession.

He has also taken over most of the auto industry (the government now OWNS General Motors, and CONTROLS large segments of the other auto companies—that part he hasn’t allowed to be sent to China, of course). What part of the “private sector” he doesn’t OWN, he CONTROLS, through regulations. He is well on his way to creating “The American Socialist Republic.” We stupidly (not me) re-elected him to another four year term so he could complete the job he started. He even THREATENED to do so when he said, “I need another four years to finish what I started.” Make no mistake; he means to complete the job of SOCIALIZING America and becoming our “Vladmir Lenin” with that clown, Joe Biden as his Josef Stalin. People will say that what I say is just “the ravings of a dotty old man,” so they can dismiss it. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m one of the FEW people in this country who REALIZES what they’re doing. I doubt if I will be alive much longer. If I don’t die from old age, I believe this government will do something to “get rid of me” because I “know too much,” as did Peter McWilliams, who they murdered by putting him in prison for using the ONLY thing that kept him from vomiting up his medicine until he was found one day drowned in his own vomit. Look his name up on the Internet (if you can) or in the library (if you can’t) if you don’t believe me. Look up his book, “Nobody’s Business If You Do.” My own grandson worked for a thinly disguised “Re-elect Obama” organization during that recent interminable election. When I asked him why he was helping Obama spew his poison he told me “It was a job when there were no others.” That might be a good excuse for somebody who doesn’t know just who the enemy is, but not for me. If we don’t wake up soon, we’ll be the next “collectivist showcase country.” (Just common sense)

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