Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Using the Storm

Van Jones, self-described COMMUNIST, hopes to use the “Frankenstorm” called “Sandy” as an excuse to promote “global warming,” even though man-made weather had nothing to do with it. This is typical of global warming fools to use such things, attributing it (with NO evidence) to global warming just because it’s a “weather event.” I haven’t heard it, but I’d bet AlGore is using it, too. Jones says “unbelievers” owe AlGore an apology. He won’t get one from me. I’m not a fool, as he is.

TWISTING THE TRUTH AGAIN: The Obama camp, having nothing better, have resumed the campaign against Bain Capital, a company that kept many more businesses open than they had to close, of FORCING closure to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth (but they know that). You don’t make money by buying companies and forcing them to close. You only make money by REVIVING the companies, something Romney did in 90% or more of the cases. Democrats concentrate on the SMALL NUMBER of companies he couldn’t save, saying (lying) that he made millions by closing that plant.

PROMISING MORE OF THE SAME: Obama is CLAIMING “great progress” in “fixing” the economy. Only one problem: he hasn’t made any. We still have the worst employment numbers in years, we’re now $16 TRILLION dollars in debt with nothing to show for it, higher taxes on the horizon, the GOVERNMENT forcing health care prices sky high by meddling in the insurance business, and many other things too numerous to mention. And all he cam promise is “S, O, S,: same old sh—stuff” for the next four years while he remakes us into a socialist state.

HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW: Obama has NO IDEA how to “repair” the economy, and he isn’t interested in learning how. He wants to destroy the “free market” so he can make us into a socialist state. And he’s using this recession to accomplish it while blaming the free market for the problems HIS policies have created. He let four people DIE in Benghazi so his narrative wouldn’t be disturbed.

“STAND DOWN ORDER”: They’re now asking if that infamous “stand down order” that “sealed the doom” for the ambassador and three of our embassy staffers actually came from the White House. What a THIN way to give Obama “plausible deniability.” EVERY such order, even if it did not directly come from the WH, is on the president’s AUTHORITY. He can reverse it, any time he wants to. He DID NOT. Therefore, it IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY. He cannot escape it, except in his own mind.

Romney goes out of his way to HELP victims of the “Frankenstorm” called “Sandy” while Obama does nothing but sit in the White House PRETENDING to do something and the press criticizes him for it. They ask, “Did he need to go to OHIO (a KEY state) to do this?” Damn! Can’t they “lay off” for ONE DAY while he TRIES to do something good?

“WE LEAVE NOBODY BEHIND”: Obama apparently can’t see the IRONY in his own statements and actions. That’s what he says about that “Frankenstorm” called “Sandy.” Obama only “leaves nobody behind” when it suits his purpose. Banghazi proved that. He sat there in his “situation room” and WATCHED as terrorists MURDERED his ambassador and three staffers, then WENT TO BED to “rest up” for his Las Vegas fund raising trip the next morning. What a LOAD of BS he spouts!

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