Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"A Day of Infamy"

This date, November 7, 2012, will be remembered as a “day of infamy” when we gave up our rights to a socialist government to come, headed (he hopes) by Barack Obama. The socialists have “taken over” our government in a “bloodless coup” without firing a shot. And we are condemned to listen to Obama’s lies for yet another 4 years (at least). I’ve gotten so sick of listening to his lies I hit the “mute” button on my TV whenever I hear his voice.

LUCAS SOLD RIGHTS TO AVOID TAXES: George Lucas sold the rights to “Star Wars” to Disney NOW to avoid next year’s higher taxes if Obama gets re-elected. But don’t be surprised if Obama has a law passed RETROACTIVELY to tax that sale. Sure it’ll be unconstitutional. But when has that ever stopped Obama before?

VOTE FOR REVENGE: That’s what Obama is saying now. Revenge for WHAT? If I voted for “revenge” it would be AGAINST Obama. But I voted for REAL “hope and change” and guess for whom I voted? It WASN’T Obama, I can tell you! The only “hope and change” I want is to go back to the REAL free market and the right to make my own decisions, unencumbered by nameless, faceless bureaucrats.

CLINTON BALANCED NO BUDGETS: Democrats have claimed for YEARS that Clinton “balanced budgets.” Like most of what the Democrats (socialists) say, that’s a LIE. Not a prevarication; not a misstatement, an out-and-out LIE. The only budget that SEEMED to be balanced included Social Security money, which is already “earmarked.” Earmarked money cannot be included in a budget to make it SEEM like it is balanced. But when has violating the law or Constitution bothered Democrats?

WHERE WERE LIBYAN “AUTHORITIES? The terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, took EIGHT HOURS. More than enough time for the Libyan government to mobilize their people to put a stop to the attack. There was at least ONE outfit DEVOTED to protecting that embassy, but it “melted away” when the attack began. We should have strengthened our security after earlier attacks, but we didn’t. Why? Obama said “no.”

WHAT A LOAD! Democrats say there is no such thing as voter fraud and GOP is “trying to fix something that isn’t broken.” How about the voting computers take a vote for Romney and register it as a vote for Obama (Which is PROVEN. How many haven’t been found?)? Of COURSE there aren’t many “reports” of voter fraud with nothing in place to catch it. What FOOLS they think we are!

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